'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Plaquesanta ೭੧(❛〜❛✿)੭೨

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    Whoah, Ingo & Emmet is pretty good

  2. Duo Dreaming of a Milotic V/V-MAX


    Wasn't it in a previous post regarding this set that stated every booster pack will have a guaranteed Pokemon GX card?

    If so this set is huge for making the game more affordable. A lot of good GXs in here.
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  3. Andika Aspiring Trainer


    That Fairy Charm Ultra Beast tho
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  4. Swampert Full Art #GROOKEYGANG
    Swampert Full Art


    Never been a giant fan of them, but still it's a shame they only lasted five sets.
  5. pokemon64 Semi-Ace Trainer


    Holy crap I love this set! I really hope it comes to the west. Also, do reprint sets usually mean that the generation is soon coming to an end?

    The new trainer cards look amazing! Though it's a shame N didn't get reprinted :(
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  6. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty


    Some translations!

    Cosmog — Psychic — HP60
    Basic Pokémon

    Ability: Cosmo Guard
    As long as this Pokémon is on your bench, prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by user's(?) attacks

    [C] — Mutter — 10
    Cosmog — Psychic — HP100
    Stage 1 — Evolves from Cosmog

    [C] — Recover
    Heal 20 damage from this Pokémon
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  7. Duo Dreaming of a Milotic V/V-MAX


    Fairy is starting to look really good with this set though. Anti-Ultra Beast Charm is kind of huge, but at the same time I'm not certain it's needed when you can just play the Fairy version of anti-GX Alolan Ninetales to stop all GX Pokemon since if you're playing something like a Gardevoir GX deck, you're techning in Alolan Ninetales GX from Fairy Rise anyway.

    It's mostly that Stadium that's pretty huge. Making everyone else need 1 more energy to attack is pretty massive, but decks seem to run a standard of 3 stadiums minimum nowadays, so it's kind of easy to get rid of.
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  8. Water Pokémon Master I like Pokemon more than you. :D
    Water Pokémon Master

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    All translations up, plus shiny Decidueye-GX line!
  9. FourteenAlmonds Roasted, but not salty



    Looks like I still can't compete with the elite when it comes to translations.

    Ah, well. Maybe one day...
  10. Timmony_tcg Aspiring Trainer


    They might've clarified "EX Ultra Beasts" on the Fairy Charm either because they just wanted to copy and paste the same template from the previous Fairy Charms, or they might've been preemptively covering themselves in case they ever end up printing an "Ultra Beast Badge" or something (like the old Team Plasma Badge, but "the Pokemon this card is attached to is now an Ultra Beast")
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  11. GamePhoenix Fellow Mortal


    *sobs violently* This set is so good!
  12. AshCo Enzo is the best character


    It's a little hard to see but the shiny Rowlet and Dartrix definitely have texture akin to the Shining Legends shinies. Just that little extra detail is so nice--I'm REALLY excited now, I really hope we get these in the west.


    It's pretty unprecedented for a new era to refer to a retired mechanic – i.e. that the SuMo cards have continued to refer to EX cards, even having replaced it with GXes, is not really something we've seen before. This might hint that rather than retiring EXes or GXes, never to be seen again, they may leave the EX mechanic as an option on the table to use again in the future.

    Why they'd do that, I don't really follow, but since this is the same block that brought back the retired Lost Zone mechanic without so much as renaming it, they may be trying to future-proof the TCG so that the expanded format is more viable/coherent (power creep will always kill it, though).

    An aside; I think this set is as close to the 'North American style' as I've seen the Japanese sets get – i.e., no cohesive theme, blatantly money grabby (yeah, the card selection is pretty good, but you're buying it for the SRs) and pretty disappointing to see, imo.
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  14. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

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    Well then. I don’t have to get all he Battle Chataleine crew. Hey aren’t all stupid situational.

    Ingo & Emmet are pretty good.

    Wonder Labyrinth Prism is nuts!

    Shaymin Prism is good for Rayquaza GX

    That is all.
  15. TheRealBro.. Venusaur used FlowerPower; his chillness rose 300%


    Yep, Team Up will be awesome. Look at that shiny Rowlet : D Thats' what we want to see.
  16. TheRealBro.. Venusaur used FlowerPower; his chillness rose 300%


    It sure does. Just three more main sets after this one before the next generation drops (fall 2019)
  17. DiaborMagics Experienced Fox Trainer


    Thank you ^.^
  18. DiaborMagics Experienced Fox Trainer


    Thank you ^.^
  19. DiaborMagics Experienced Fox Trainer


    New Ninetales again and shiny Eevee, yay! ^.^
  20. DiaborMagics Experienced Fox Trainer


    Another very nice looking card. I dont check the site for a week and I'm suddenly bombarded with goodness! The Eeveelution GX artworks, shiny eevee, an alternate Alolan Ninetales, this Shaymin. Man I'm excited for what's hopefully coming here too in the near future.

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