Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble from 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield!'

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    Honestly these are probably the best trio of starters for me, as there is no *obvious* choice imo. most generations i’ve had one that I have auto picked, but all three this time make me want to wait for evolutions vefore choosing as they are all so good.

  2. Heviin Aspiring Trainer


    You can tell scorbunny will be the faster one of the three (Grookey all around stats, Sobble defensive stats). And speed is usually the favored stat~
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    I’m calling Pokémon Kingdom
  4. Oddish22 Aspiring Trainer


    I realised after your text that in English a chimpanzee is not a monkey. In my native language there is no difference between monkey and ape. I agree with what you said, and as I stated before, I like the design of Grookey.
    About the rabbits, I did not mean as a starter - that is new. But I think it does not look too different from Bunnelby to be unique.
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    Snowy Lilacs


    The graphics looks stunning as heck. But why a Monkey and a Lizard? Do either of those exist in the UK other than in Zoos?

    One of the starters should've been a dog of sorts...possibly a Corgi....
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    Spring Sun Warrior


    ...very dissapointed
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    If they don't do some kind of post play with Kalos with this being the UK and Kalos France I would be shocked either within this game or a sequel to tie things together with the whole war story started.
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    Better get the bunny.
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    I doubt that. Last time they did something like that was gen 2, and they did that when they thought it's going to be their last one.
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    I totally agree, but considering its size, I feel like it'd be so hard to keep track of!
  11. Richard Haeder litleo op plz nerf
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    sobble: its a sobble head, uh, i mean bobble head. no, sobble head. anyways ITS SO CUTE!!!! 5/5 litleos
    grookey. its just a chespin remake but better 3/5 litleos
    scorbunny: now this is hot garbage 1/5 litleos
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    Been a while since I posted here. Feels good to be back.

    On topic, the starters look all pretty cool, except for Scorbunny, who looks a bit too goofy design wise. As for the other two, Grookey is officially the most fun looking, so that's the starter I'm going with in Sword/Shield. Don't know what to think of Sobble though, but it has a lot of potential. My choice can change, however, depending on their evolutions.
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    I can not wait to get the Nox Vidmate VLC pokemon sword too.

    Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
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