Grafaiai, Shroodle from Clay Burst!


Grass-Type Gym Leader
News Staff
Grafaiai and Shroodle have been revealed from SV2D Clay Burst! The set will release in Japan on April 14th.
The cards from Triplet BeatSnow Hazard, and Clay Burst will combine to form our Paldea Evolved set on June 9th.
Shroodle – Type – HP50
Basic Pokemon
[C] Mushroom Hunt: Put a Basic Energy from your discard pile into your hand.
[D] Scratch: 10 damage.
Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 1...

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Shroodle/Grafaiai - same attack as EVS Smeargle yet might not work like Smeargle. Hence, it wasn't good. 3/3 Shroodle pretty cute ngl
Whats the benefits of playing this ove es smeargle??
I cant think of any besides hitting gardi and mew for weakness.
Okay, first off, that art rare is awesome. One of my favs so far at least.

As for the card itself, I get why these artistic mons thematically use multiple energy types, but man it makes using them finicky.

Grafaiai does have some tools going for it. Utilizing Level Ball and Rescue Carrier is a nice start, because let's be real. Anything with less than like 150 HP is just asking to be one hit ko'd anyway. Plus, we'll have Superior Energy Retrieval to get whatever energy you burn back into your hand.

It could fire off some nasty shots, but getting it set up is the hard part. Energy wise, if you had like 2 of every type and 2 more Dark for attack cost, that alone is 18 cards in your deck. So you'll need to burn through the deck quite fast.

I'll give it a shot myself, but at least the card does something. Not great, likely, but neat.
Grafaiai will be played with the eldegoss with cotton lift that searches out 2 basic energies.
True, but it's just another Stage 1 in an already existing Stage 1. I rather ran this on a Zoroark deck as another 1-of shtick. You'll only 1 in the field anyway.

I say this because this has the same attack on Smeargle, a basic yet it never worked.
They're reprinting Superior Energy Retrieval to get back four at a time, and this one actually discards the energy, which is actually a good bit better than Smeargle, whose energies just got shuffled away by Judge or Marnie, and now Iono. Plus, Smeargle needed Twin Energy, which is gone, or needs to resort to DTE, which made it's weak attack weaker. This can just use a single basic dark. Plus, we've got Radiant Greninja & Bibarel/Revaroom as drawpower.

Will probably still be quite bad—but given we now have Arven & Irida to search out key Item cards (including VIP Pass), Iono is being printed to help with late game comebacks, Zoroark EVS to allow for the LOR Basculegion & Slowbro PGO plays, and Klefki SVI and/or Path to the Peak to shut off opposing Abilities so you *might* be able to set up—it may, at least, be C/D tier fun garbage.
feels like they threw grafaiai into splatoon, absolutely love it. I love these illustrations rares and feel like they give a really nice charm to the game.
Honestly not really a fan of how alot of these basic pokemon are getting 2 set slots with similar art between cards...