Gigantamax Charizard, Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee Revealed!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by Water Pokémon Master, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. Flash~ZT0 Aspiring Trainer


    Solrock and Lunatone weren't even in SUN and MOON. That's how forgotten some pokemon are. They even had a second chance for that with ultra but nooooooooooo we gotta add the fan favorites first.
    I'm not saying they should exclude fan favorites, but they need to acknowledge the little guys like they did with Farfetch'd (Which is still gen 1, but it was never popular so it's not really pandering)
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  2. SableyeGuy Aspiring Trainer


    I dont care how much i have to spend, im getting that pikachu! There are exclusive gigantamaxes for preordering, right?
  3. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Mothra vs Burning Godzilla. Nice.
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  4. Flash~ZT0 Aspiring Trainer


    Only the meowth is.
  5. Flash~ZT0 Aspiring Trainer


    It's most likely to boost their sales, after all they were the worst selling remakes so far. Even worse than FRLG, which is like the same game but with more content and runs on an 18 year-old handheld.
  6. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    I’m kind of torn on this; just evening out to “Hm. Alright.”

    On one hand, Butterfree looks fantastic! And at least Charizard’s illustrations look menacing; they’re very well done. Kind of loses that intimidation in 3D, though.

    In the middle, Pikachu and Eevee are just whatever. They exist, and it’s obvious why they do; same with Charizard. Meowth is very amusing as Longcat. But it seems really, really pointless.

    And on the other hand, it’s just disappointing to see only Gen 1 Pokémon getting all the attention again. The Galarian Zigzagoon line was such a breath of fresh air after the Gen 1 exclusive Alolan form club. It felt like pandering then, and it’s starting to feel like a repeat with Zigzagoon being a weird exception. But I want to be wrong about this. There are almost 700 Pokémon outside of Gen 1! Please!! Be creative!

    But asking Pokémon to stop resting on its laurels seems to fall on deaf ears.
  7. AshCo I'm Back?!


    I like to think that they're hiding a LOT of what the game still has to offer-I mean, they've not revealed all that much thus far. I don't really think that Zigzagoon is going to end up being the exception (at least I hope not). What I think they decided to do was show off the recognizable gen 1 stuff that the average fan would be able to go "Hey, I recognize that! Cool!"

    Like I said, I think so far in the reveal cycle they're both hiding a lot about the game, and also playing most of their reveals safe. I mean, look at how much they revealed by this time in 2016 with Sun and Moon compared to now. Hopefully they keep a lot of the dex a surprise (until someone inevitably leaks it within the next month). But I'm crossing my fingers for, if anything, more cross-gen evolutions. They were some of the best parts of gens 2 and 4 and so far with Sirfetch'd and Obstagoon they're proving to still be great.
  8. TheRealBro.. Let's get drowzee


    Yeah, I guess that’s the new thing. Of course it was always about the money (even in the early days) but these days it has become pretty shameless.

    Fingers crossed these will be good games because I think Pokemon has been in decline since gen 5. Flash over substance. Nintendo even atmitted that.
  9. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

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    Gigantamax Mewtwo next?
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  10. KeoKeo Aspiring Trainer


    These Gigantamaxes are scary....
    they look like they're the bringers of Armageddon with all that red lighting..
    why can't it just be cute?
  11. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer


    Exactly. The guy obviously doesn't get what "pandering" means if he's not gonna mention gigantmax's from OTHER gens. BECAUSE THERE'S BARELY ANY! WE HAVEN'T SEEN ANY OF THEM!
  12. Sandworm_Wrangler Aspiring Trainer


    Well what do ya know! Poop cloud version Charzard. GF's unpredictable creativity is the envy of the AAA gaming market.

    On a positive note, that Butterfree is really well done.
  13. zzzeraora Aspiring Trainer


    As soon as I saw gigantamax charizard in the Afflack leak, i wrote down a mental note everything that the newly revealed charizard form would have. And I was right. Fire wings, fire horns, sharper teeth, the white on his belly would get more speckled and he'd have diamond shapes going across his body for no reason. I'm not even stroking my own ego, at this point you can probably predict what the next charizard form will look like in 20 years.
  14. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    I honestly hope that only a small amount of new Pokemon and forms are revealed before release too. It's just that in the meantime, with what is revealed, it's looking very similar to Alolan forms. "Hey, you all remember Pikachu and Charizard, right?!! Well, look at them now! And Eevee! And there's Meowth--you remember Meowth, right? Whoa! Butterfree?! Gen 1, am I right?" And every casual fan will be like, "Whoa! I DO remember Pikachu and Charizard! #pokemon #nostalgia #truefan #blessed"

    ... Snark aside, I guess my actual issue is what I mentioned before at the end. There are nearly 700 other Pokemon outside of Gen 1. If there are Pokemon from other generations that got new forms, would it have hurt to show one or two others by now instead of focusing on Gen 1 again? In all honesty, I don't think they should have revealed Charizard now. It's similar to how Marvel showed Spider-Man at the end of one of the trailers for Captain America: Civil War. It's this weird situation where, yes, that's going to build up hype. But as you're watching this movie for the first time, you're waiting for him to show up. It's gonna happen. You saw it already. How much more of an impact would it have been if that was a total surprise? Meanwhile, back to Pokemon, if you thought about it, it was kind of obvious that there would be a Gigantimax for Charizard. The Champion dude is known to have a Charizard. But how much more of an impact would it have been if the reveal was saved for your battle against him? Those who thought about it can at least anticipate it without knowing what it'll look like, and those not thinking about it will be surprised. So if you don't show Charizard now, show a different Pokemon instead! If there are multiple Pokemon from multiple generations, mix it up! Don't just clearly favor Gen 1 again. Variety is the spice of life.

    (And of course, all of that hypothetical talk is just a situation where leaks don't exist. Maybe Gigantimax Charizard was already leaked. If not, maybe it would leak shortly before release. It could've been spoiled even if it was saved for the end. I know.)
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  15. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    Well, time to defend Pidgey from all the Kanto hate its about to get...
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  16. KeoKeo Aspiring Trainer


    I just want one Gengar alternate form to redeem it for the fact that GF decided no levitate... preferably a cute one
    pls don't hate
  17. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Not really. I would never consider purchasing SwSh, just as I have not purchased Let's Go.
    I can still get them in the TCG form. The designs propagate to other forms of Pokemon media - most of which are maintained better than the main series.
  18. AshCo I'm Back?!


    Yeah, they're definitely doing that. I mean, to preface, I've never been bothered by the whole Kanto being the one that's always advertised thing. From an advertiser's standpoint, they're appealing to what most people recognize. And while yes, it is oversaturated, I get why they do it, despite the fact that I would like for them to go into some more new ground, as I'm about to elaborate on. Not to mention they're probably trying to play it safe for some amount of new fans from Let's Go as well. But the thing is? Pokemon Go is in gen five now. Even with the gen-1 only Let's Go, I think a lot of the new fans that got into it from that game would be able to recognize most of the pokemon from there. But Pokemon likes to play it safe, of course. They like to appeal to what they know is going to be remembered, of course. People really love their Pikachus and their Eevees. I will say that Butterfree was a nice surprise though, even if it is Kanto. But still, like I said-PoGo's in gen 5 now. I think that if there are a lot of forms or evolutions based on gens 2-4, then they could easily drum up hype with them, knowing that those Pokemon are in the mainstream now.

    It definitely wouldn't have hurt them to reveal those (and I'm pretty sure that the Galarian Zigzagoon/Obstagoon reveal was generally well-received). And I'm not sure if it was leaked or not, but most people came to a consensus that it was basically inevitable that Zard was going to get a gigantamax form. I never thought about how amazing it'd have been if they kept it a secret until the champion battle, especially as someone who's a HUGE fan of the design of it. It'd have blown me away probably to see that at the very end and go "Whoa, what is THAT?! I love it!!" It's my favorite design Charizard has ever gotten personally, so it'd have been a fantastic surprise. At least to me, I'm sure there's people out there who would complain about it still because most Kanto pokemon are cursed to that destiny. (I'm more of a take each Pokemon for what it is guy myself, popularity, and saturation, while being annoying at times, doesn't affect my liking of a certain pokemon at all-I like Charizard because of its design).

    I will definitely agree that they could have done well mixing it up. Pikachu, Eevee (because I've just accepted that Pikachu and Eevee are now plastered on everything), do Butterfree for a pleasant surprise, but how about maybe a Chatot evolution or something along those lines too? Maybe show off a Galarian Shinx or something too, who knows? It'd be a pleasant surprise. I just hope there's a lot of those "Whoa, what is THAT?!" moments in the game. I decided on getting it despite some of the issues surrounding it, so I hope there's those kinds of moments in the experience.

    I can't recall if it was or not? I know most people figured it was going to happen though. Knowing how things were with Sun and Moon, I bet you the entire dex is probably going to be leaked a week in advance before the game comes out, lol.
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  19. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


    I think you hit the nail on the head with something for me. I thought about it, and I couldn’t quite pinpoint why SwSh news tends to be rant-inducing for me. It’s not that I actually hate these games; I am planning on getting one. Certainly the news of not all Pokémon being in the game and the avalanche of counters to the excuses for why this was done really put a damper on things for me. It’s been a tradition for me whenever a new generation comes out, I want to catch and collect every Pokémon in game, trade/transfer the rest, complete the National dex, and have every single Pokémon in my PC. S&M was only a bummer with no National dex, but SwSh just flat out doesn’t have all the Pokémon. So there’s been a kind of lingering disappointment since then, and news afterwards has just been... okay. I feel like the most excited I’ve been has been for Wooloo, Nessa, and the player being able to dress in clothes like Nessa’s, hopefully implying other trainers’ clothes are available too—something I’ve been wanting since X&Y. But you mentioned they’re playing it safe. And I think that’s part of my issue with a lot of news. I wish they weren’t. I don’t mean I have huge expectations for these games. I just want to be impressed with what news we get. So staying safe by showing a lot of Gen 1 stuff, it just seems underwhelming and less interesting than other possibilities. Like a Galarian Shinx that you mentioned. Immediately upon reading that idea, I was like, “Ooo, yes!” So that seems to be why I’m frequently saying this or that could have been better... I want these tidbits of news to feel interesting rather than predictable or the same old song and dance.

    Been typing my thoughts out throughout the day when I get a chance while at work. (Then did yard work after getting home.) I hope all that was coherent.
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  20. AshCo I'm Back?!


    I was almost going to not get the game at all when the Dex issue came to light. I have a full living dex of everything from gens 1-6 (still need to finish 7 and a few Alolas), and I take a lot of pride in it along with all the teams I've saved from each of my playthroughs (apart from what I lost a few years back). I liked to have them take on the champ of each region, I gave some of them mega stones in gen 6, etc. etc. But as depressing as it is that I won't be able to do that anymore, I decided on a few things:
    -The old games are always still there, I can always enjoy them whenever and use the Pokemon I want there if I want to experiment or mix up a new playthrough.
    -I still have everyone I've always had, and I'll continue to in Home or whatever game I can put them in.
    -I'm giving Home the benefit of the doubt-I'm hoping that it's a cool program and the idea of being able to trade BOTH over phones and over switches is a really cool idea to me. As long as it has its own national dex and maybe some good features, I can get used to this change as sad as it is.
    -It's going to be my friend's first Pokemon game, and I really want to play it alongside her so we can trade and have that Pokemon experience together. I don't want to miss that.
    -Also, I'd be bummed out if I had to wait yet ANOTHER few years for a new region. I've been clamoring for something new for a while now, this is the second new generation I get to experience (I started playing Plat. when gen 6 was out, so my Pokemon experience goes back to 2014).

    So in the end, that and the visual issues of the game aside (as sad as they make me), I decided to bite the bullet and get the game. I'm going to enjoy what I enjoy, and who knows? It could end up being a really fantastic Pokemon game. My expectations aren't as high as I'd like them to be, I don't think this is going to be another Platinum or another Black and White, but if it's ANY better than the rather lackluster Alola games, I'll be celebrating, lol.

    Anyways, regarding the news, I think them playing it safe is definitely a point of contention with a LOT of people. For the past year and a half of news it's been Kanto, since we had Let's Go, so that probably just adds to it. There are definitely parts of this news cycle I get excited about-New Pokemon especially. I don't think I've been as excited for a new pokemon as much I have for Grookey, I love him so much. Or stuff like Duraludon, it's like "whoa, what's that thing? I love it!!" Or when the Sirfetch'd leak ended up being confirmed a while back, it was so cool to know because I was REALLY hoping for it to be real. I'm glad for people who are excited for a lot of the parts I'm not personally caring for (Gigantamax Eevee. Not my favorite, but I'm sure eevee fans like it). But I do wish they'd mix things up a little. A perfect balance of both the old reliable favorites and some mixed up stuff could end up appealing to more fans than just doing Kanto. I think that's why the Galarian Zigzagoon reveal was such a good balance. We had a gen 3 Pokemon get some new love and a new evo, we got Weezing who is an old favorite get a new twist, and we got some other new features. Great balance. Same with Sirfetch'd plus Polteageist and that pelican I really love. Those were the reveals I consider most memorable.

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