Full 'Champion's Path' Set List: Shiny Charizard V, Rainbow Rare Charizard VMAX!

The set is now worth collecting but, I predict certain items will be hiked due to the zards. Happy that hop is in the set though
It all does feel very over the place. I feel like this set lacks the charm previous holiday sets had. It feels more like pure filler than anything.
Well shoot. I didn't want to have to buy Champion's Path stuff but now I kinda have to if I want that shiny Zard. I just hope I get lucky like I did with Hidden Fates...

Problem is I want literally nothing else out of this set because I don't care at all about the Gen 8 TCG. The singles are going to be stupid expensive so there's kind of just a weird rut that it makes people like myself stuck in. Ugh.
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What are these guys doing to me? They keep coming back to empty out my wallet more and more.

Guess we're going shiny hunting.
How many normal art holos are there in this set? if you get a holo every pack will that mean you'll get Vs or better pretty often?
Also offcial announcement says 15 pokemon v and 3 vmax.
I see only 11 v cards unless they counting 4 fa within. Pokemon needs to get with the program n not word things different each time lol
You all better start getting your pre-orders now. If you're unlucky, you can't cry me a river. Many had PLENTY of time to preorder, but waited for a "subset." It's your last chance before price spikes exponentially.
I'm disappointed, I thought the set was going to be bigger and we were gonna get some missing GX cards and Boy welder