News First 'The Best of XY' News, Reprinted Cards

Okay I’m in glee. Trev break is confirmed! I knew that sense Night March was confirmed we needed the Police Tree to keep it in check but it’s nice to get confirmation. But the question on my mind is : Are they going to reprint the XY item lock police tree or the Breakpoint wannabe?

The rayquaza is irrelevant since it would have to go into hiding when criminals (joltiks) roam the earth. The volcano doesn’t bother me , the Mega Mewtwo I’m actually happy about sense I kind of want to use it , Greninja doesn’t bother me either and entei is somewhat irrelevant. The Yveltal does irk me but my Police Tree deck can stand against the evil doers ( Turbo Dark ).
If this does come stateside, most likely it could be in our SM3 as another "Radiant Collection" that omits anything printed after AOR, just to cut the number of cards possibly obtainable in SM3+SM2+, and then they can free their minds for cards when the brink of BKT-On's rotation out to SM-On comes around...

^ Still, I'm not expecting that to happen, given the purpose of rotation...
Now how do we get FA Karen in English, huh guys? We have already a NA Karen as an XY Promo due to that Battle Decks (XY177). Another XY Promo probably?
Noooo. Please release this set outside of Japan.

I am certain Pokemon will listen to this cute cat.

As big as this set is supposed to be, it wouldn't surprise me if they released it in a similar fashion to Generations or maybe even Double Crisis
WPM said that we'll probably see this in SM3.
He did say we may, not probably, so it's definitely not guaranteed in the set yet. I personally don't think we'll get this in our SM3, due to the card lay-out being different from the rest of the FA supporters. I could see it being released as a promo, in box of some sort.