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Dec 13, 1992 (Age: 25)
Anatat Tatanatat

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I'd Say Grass Knot!, Male, 25, from Anatat Tatanatat


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Sep 13, 2018
    1. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    2. bbninjas
      Happy Birthday!
    3. Mistryss Nite
      Mistryss Nite
      Happy Birthday! ^.^
    4. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    5. Finch182
      [b]MuhFugginMoose[/b], I've registered both of your codes :s
    6. Genius715
      Hey I am adding you, here is my FC: 2251-4024-9347. If you use my Friend Safari, could you tell me the type and Pokemon please?
    7. Finch182
      Hey, I've added your friend code. Here's mine 2878 9600 4686 :)
    8. Ysmir
      No complaints from me. I was just letting everyone know to take the discussion to that topic now. You're in the clear.
    9. CMP
      [b]MuhFugginMoose[/b], agreed...I actualy really love this gen! I'd have to say, though, that the starters are all fantastic...I really love Clauncher, too. Can't wait to see its evolution!

      I've also heard multiple rumors (probably unsubstantiated) about Galvantula getting a Mega. If it does, I know it'd be my favorite!
    10. CMP
      [b]MuhFugginMoose[/b], sorry, then...must have gotten the wrong impression from the last couple sentences in your comment. Figured you were implying I was immature from the six-year old comment and self-absorbed from the "would doesn't revolve around you."

      But nope, I'm definitely not one of "those" people that's never fully happy. In fact, I'm usually the one on the forums [i]defending[/i] Gamefreak's choices when everyone else is doing the complaining.

      I just thought it seemed like an unfair generalization to make from a single comment.

      But now that we've cleared everything up...what's your favorite new Pokémon? :P
    11. CMP
      [b]MuhFugginMoose[/b], I really fail to see how being disappointed makes me immature or self-absorbed. Did I say [i]anywhere[/i] that Gamefreak owed me/you/the fandom anything? Nope, I just wish they had taken things in a slightly different direction regarding Mega Evolution/new Pokémon.

      Last I checked, it was an acceptable thing to express disappointment.
    12. CMP
      [quote='MuhFugginMoose' pid='2538600' dateline='1380904708']
      [quote='CMP' pid='2538592' dateline='1380904327']

      See...that's why I'm not a fan of Mega Evolutions. I consider them more form changes than anything, and it somewhat disappoints me that instead of the 40 new Pokémon we [i]could[/i] be getting, we'll be getting Megas instead.

      So typical. . .
      I don't want to sound like a. . . Butt?
      But why can't you just appreciate what we have gotten?
      What if we got 30 Pokes and 10 Mega evos instead? Then you'd be complaining about the lack of Mega Evos. . .
      You're one of "those".
      Just be happy with what we've been given. They've already done MORE than what we asked of them. Why are you disappointed about that?

      Y'know, I really don't appreciate the attitude. If you take a look at my posts (dating all the way back from the reveal of the DP Pokémon), you'll see that I am in no way one of "those." I have been a staunch supporter, pretty much without fail, of everything Gamefreak does. To lump me in with others who criticize everything Gamefreak does with unabashed fury [i]really[/i] sets me off. I'm not a huge fan of Mega Evolutions taking 'dex spots of potential new Pokémon. So what? I'm allowed to have an opinion. I'm not complaining, just expressing a slight disappointment. I never said Gamefreak owed me anything. You know I'm still going to buy the game, and I know I'll love it. I'm thrilled with 95% of what we got.

      There are people who are talking about how they're so disappointed they're not buying the game; go target them instead.
    13. DeepSleepDarkrai
      Hey added your 3ds Friend code, add mine so we can battle or trade when X and Y come out.
      FC 4270-0358-5042
    14. DNA
      and just when I thought your avatar couldn't get any better
    15. Ohman177
      O god your profile pictures are the best XD
    16. Haunted Water
      Haunted Water
      [quote='MuhFugginMoose' pid='2516974' dateline='1377558935']So, I guess, it all boils down to ignorance, such as this. . . I have to censor myself. . . [url=]guy[/url].
      Following the words of an outdated book. . . Makes sense. . .

      Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day. I always enjoy feasting on the ignorance of those whose foul beliefs contradict themselves.
    17. grassdragon
      Hello fellow Chespin lover!
    18. Ohman177
      I was eating cereal and spit it all over my desk when I saw your photo. This is beautiful.
    19. DNA
      your avatar is amphabulous
    20. Fancy
      Welcome to Pokebeach! Hope you enjoy it here! ^_^
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