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    Sword Art Online is my favorite because it actually made more sense to me. I seem to get stuck when I am watching something that is crazy in plots like One Peace and Naruto.

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    Betcha ya'll can't guess what anime I'm really into right now :p

    Haven't been watching much anime recently unfortunately (haven't had time to watch anything recently really), but I hope to get into some new shows soon ^w^
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    I've only watched a few episodes of SAO but I couldn't get into it, I'll probably give it another try.

    As for naruto & one piece: I stopped watching shippuden after naruto defeats pein because I just lost interest, although I know what happens up to the end and carrying over to Boruto.

    One Piece is one of my favorite anime shows, but even I can't defend how the Whole Cake Island arc is drawing out.

    It's like Dresrosa all over again..

    Maybe due to reading the manga, oh, and #carrotfornakama
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    Hm, lemme guess. Is the theme song done by MAN WITH A MISSION? ;)
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    Ah! An anime that I forgot to include before just came to mind.

    Made in Abyss! It's not in my Top 10 yet because there's a second season on the way (I don't include incomplete shows). It starts out really light-hearted, but then, hoo boy, it gets dark. It was definitely hard to watch at times, but it was 100% worth it in the end.
  6. Otto von Bismarck *Preußens Gloria plays*
    Otto von Bismarck


    It seems to me that most anime shows end up being incomplete though. Seems like a lot of the time the story isn't even finished before the studios don't bother with another season (most of the time due to funding problems)
    This seems especially prominent with shows that are adapted from something.
  7. Shfinx Meta Slave btw


    I guess I'm a little late, but here are a few I like:

    Cafe S (hehe)
    Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions
    Konohana Kitan

    A Silent Voice is probably one of my all time favorites, even though it's just a movie. It was just too good.

    These were just a few of the anime I like, not in any particular order. And yes, I'm a sucker for slice of life anime.
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    Yeah, that is an annoying trend that tends to go on. I should've added a side note that anything that's like, clearly not done. Things that have a second/third season confirmed.

    For example, my favourite anime, Baccano!, is technically incomplete. 13 episodes and three specials, which cover roughly four of the light novels. There are 20+ light novels currently published. Most fans have given up hope that there will be a second season of it, and deem it "Complete, technically"
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    Gundam 0083 has been my favorite since I first watched it, and it's only gotten better to me. If you can look passed the cool robots and that war is bad, you can really see how idealism can pose an existential threat. It's not really a theme unique to anime, the whole thing is just based of recorded history, philosophy, and objective observations. The UC timeline in Gundam is the best timeline. It can really get the noggin' joggin'.

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    I only read the manga, and so far I only have read Naruto.

    The anime looks to have too much filler.
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  11. VioletValkyrie [ I'm Not Dead // 紫咲 ]


    I'm not really a person who watches a lot of anime (I've only really finished three and two of them have been in the past week) but I wanted to talk about one I've loved for years and never hear anyone talk about.

    Magical Girl Anime definitely seem like more of a niche kind of thing but if you're into them I'd recommend Shugo Chara, it's been my favourite anime for years and I don't really think I've been interested in any other the way I have with this one. I don't think it's the best but it's definitely enjoyable.

    It's based around Hinamori Amu, an elementary school student who can't really express her personality well and wishes that she could act different and become a better person, but she has trouble breaking the image she made when she transferred to her school. She wishes to be different and ends up with several guardians who are born from her wishes to become a different person and what her dreams and aspirations are, and joins her school's student council to secretly defend other students from giving up their dreams from an evil company manipulating the students to try and find a magical artifact that can grant any wish.

    Again, if the plot sounds a bit out there, it's a magical girl anime, but I love the humour in it, the characters and especially the development Amu gets is great, and I even think it handles darker themes such as depression and parental abuse incredibly well. At certain points it adresses things like the concept of putting your past behind you to improve yourself. There are more things, but they're more specifically for one character and end up being spoilers.
    It's such a good and important anime to me and I wish others talked about it. If you check it out, let me know, I'd love to talk about it with someone.
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    One anime that I just recently finished, which has secured a place on my Top Ten list, is B: The Beginning. It, along with DEVILMAN Crybaby are two recently released Netflix-exclusive anime. (I believe that Crybaby was only released on Netflix, whereas B had a TV showing prior).

    B focuses on a man named Keith. Keith is a genius detective, but you really wouldn't know based on anything about him, until he starts goin' on a tangent about something. Keith is trying to uncover the killer who kills serial killers, and marks his scenes with the letter B (hence his name, Killer B, and also the title of the anime to an extent).

    Up until that point, everything seems relatively normal. Then we see things from B's perspective, which is where the supernatural stuff comes in.

    Overall, it's a fantastic series [strike]that will hopefully get a sequel[/strike], and I highly recommend it. I will note, it's rather bloody, so I'd say it's probably 16+.
  13. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    Was going to post the exact same thing <3

    Besides All Gundam anime...

    Pokémon is my favorite anime XD
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  14. Jackster 136 Aspiring Trainer
    Jackster 136


    Naruto and Sailor Moon are my favourite
  15. SkeletonKnight Aspiring Trainer


    Miria Nikki (The Future Diary)
    Absolute Duo
    Sword Art Online
    Hunter x Hunter
    Danmachi/Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon)
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Trapped In Another World With My Smartphone
    Show by Rock
  16. NEETLifeGaming Aspiring Trainer


    1) Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    2. Code Geass
    3. One piece
    4. My hero academia
  17. Chris Teves Poké Legend
    Chris Teves


    1. My Hero Academia
    2. One Piece
    3. Death Note
    4. Cowboy Bebop
    5. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Pokemon is probably 7th or 8th I'd say.
  18. Heck yeah Cowboy Bebop is one of the best dramatic anime I've ever watched.
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