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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Jadethepokemontrainer, Mar 15, 2017.

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    I discovered Flip Flappers recently. Definitely deserves a place on my list, just not sure where...

  2. YuriGirl Aspiring Trainer


    Have you tried the top? Because that's where it goes for me.

    My list would have to be

    1. Flip Flappers
    2. Yuri Kuma Arashi
    3. Senki Zesshou Symphogear
    4. Kemono Friends
    5. Princess Principal
    6. Kobayashi-san chi no Maidragon
    7. Yuyushiki
    8. Yuru Yuri
    9. Inferno Cop
    10. Love Live
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    Favorite atm is nanatsu no taizai (the seven deadly sins)

    can't wait till season 2!!!

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    It's a really fun anime. Started it on a whim when I went to get food (yay for being able to download episodes of things on Netflix), and badaboom, fell in love.
  5. Duo Basking in the glory of Milotic V


    No particular order here since I don't like rating animes of different genres in the same list, and I'm kind of just going to ramble until I'm satisfied.

    Koe no Katachi (movie)
    Kimi no Na ha (movie)
    Tsuki ga Kirei
    Made in Abyss
    Clannad (particularly season 2)
    Shigatsu ha Kimi no Uso
    Bakuman (haven't seen season 2 or 3 yet but Season 1 was good)
    Rurouni Kenshin
    No Game No Life
    SASAGEYO, er, I mean Attack on Titan. Sorry.
    Death Note (the first "half" more so than the second "half")
    Both Full Metal Alchemists
    Blend S (on going. Really cute, snug anime perfect for after a long work day)
    All of the To Aru seasons (Index, Railgun, etc)
    Code Geass

    My brain is failing me but that's probably enough already.

    EDIT: Steins;Gate. I'm sorry I forgot about you.
  6. ... Aspiring Trainer


    I'm also waiting for One punch man season 2, attack on titan season 3 & my hero academia season 3 as well.

    plus, it's really handy to download netflix videos, especially where I live because I can only stream 480p on 4G speeds.

    I wish crunchyroll would adapt that to their app.
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  7. Toy story m8
  8. ... Aspiring Trainer


    nuh uh...seinfeld is way better :p
  9. True, but you ain't hood if you ain't seen Shrek :)
  10. Jadethepokemontrainer Hoppin' on the train

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    oh man I love this series as well.

    My list is not valid anymore. I still love all those anime's, but It's very hard to 'rate' Anime's anymore. They all deserve number 1 (except the bad ones :p)
  11. ... Aspiring Trainer


    Best anime coming through!

  12. I.. I think you're my new friend now
    But at the same time, we can't forget a classic anime
  13. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

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    CrunchyRoll definitely needs to catch up.

    I'm caught up on the manga, and if season three of AoT is as long as season two, I know exactly what's gonna be covered, and hooooooo doggy, it's gonna be inTENSE.
  14. I've never really thought about what anime is my favorite. A lot of times I point it to being something like Attack on Titan or erased, normie stuff like that, y'know, but now that I've sat down and thought about it, it would legit probably go to A Silent Voice, most likely due to the sentimental value it has. It came out around this time last year, and at that time I was moving from Colorado to Texas, so I had virtually zero friends, and the one or two I did have just sat near me at lunch because they felt bad for me. As with kids who have no friends, they are typically bullied a lot, which happened. I got shoved, tackled, hit, slapped, called names, the usual. Back then, being my usual edgy self didn't want to forgive them, I wanted to just sit and be alone, and have zero friends, and be known as that one kid who was so salty after being shoved he held a grudge against the world until he died. My only release from people was really just... people. I still was in contact with friends from Colorado, so one night, probably around 2 AM, I'm texting a friend, they start telling me about a bunch of anime, long story short watched some anime, boom. I watched like.... half of Attack on Titan, Your Name, (still overrated), I binge watched erased, but none of them really stuck with me, until they told me to watch A Silent Voice. At the time I watched it (around January-March I believe) I was still little edgy boy who thought he didn't need friends, and watching this made me realize: "Tf, I should forgive these people, I don't know what their life is like, maybe they've changed," stuff like that... which I'm sure isn't... quite the message from the movie, but shut up I'm having a sentimental moment. Long story short I actually gained human emotion and I realized that people change, and then here I am, not the little edgy boi I used to be. So overall, favorite anime is obviously Megamind, but the one that impacted my life the most was like... A Silent Voice probably... Or Your Name.... (for making me realize how overrated some things are)
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  16. GrandPanacea Thread Necromancer

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    So, not even ten minutes ago, I just finished an anime that will definitely be on my favourites list.

    Made in Abyss. It's quite a good adventure anime, but around episode 9, it starts getting dark quickly. Episodes 11-13 are just... No. So much darker than I was expecting. But everything was executed beautifully. Can't wait til Season 2.
  17. Vracken Just a Ghost of the Past


    I started watching Made in Abyss, on episode 7, but I have kinda just petered out, which is unfortunate, I think the anime youtube community over hyped it a bit too much for my taste, as it isn't really the kind of show that exhibits hype (like Attack on Titan, or Onepunch Man, which have objectively hype moments). It seems much more mellow and drawn out, which is fine, just might not be in the mood for it.

    If anyone is paying attention to this season, so far, I haven't seen much, but Black Clover is a safe, stay the hell away, despite all the advertising it got. Inuyashiki is incredibly good, but it really fits into my favourite theme of what is the line between humanity and, well, not humanity. Not for the faint hearted though
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    I didn't realize that MiA was bein' hyped up on YT. o:

    I had stopped for a number of weeks after so 7 for various reasons. It's about to get significantly more intense. I won't try to convince or force you to watch (I hate when people do that), but I will say that it (likely, as I haven't seen it firsthand) lives up to the hype.

    I'm a fan of Black Clover, personally, but I also enjoy many Shonen trappings.

    What's Inuyashaki? Makes me think of Inuyasha
  19. ... Aspiring Trainer


    I was hyped up for Black Clover, but I think the presentation threw me off a bit, I might get back into it.

    Inuyashaki is about a 58 year old Man named Inuyashiki Ichirou who's down on his luck, being ignored by not only society, but his family too. Eventually, he gains Superpowers to become a Hero that finally gets the respect he deserves.
  20. Tyler Beta Fookin' laser sights!!!!
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    Easy. Seraph of the End, My Hero Academia, and Fate Kalied. If you haven't seen any, I recommend you do.

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