Epic Deck, The deck to win worlds

Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Heavenly Spoon, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    Dear reader,

    This title does not lie, we have created what seems to be the most powerful deck of all time. No deck ever created stands even a minor chance against this deck. No card ever created is even comparable to any card in this deck. A deck more powerful would contradict the laws of nature, destroy itself and take the universe with it.
    And this is all a serious understatement.

    Let us take a look at the decklist:

    1 Gallade, SW Fake
    1 Dusknoir, DP Fake
    1 Dialga lvX, GE Fake
    1 Dratini, DS
    1 Flaaffy, PK
    1 Seviper, GE
    1 Kabuto, Base-set
    1 Rocket's Zapdos, Gym Challenge
    1 Erika's Weepingbell, Gym Heroes
    1 Bidoof, MT
    1 Aron, no set
    1 Larvitar, DF
    1 Weepingbell, base set 2
    1 Espeon, ND
    1 Baron, PK
    1 Charizard, Base set
    2 Giovanni's Magikarp, Gym Challenge
    1 Darkrai, GE Fake
    1 Blaziken, GE Fake
    1 Starly Blissey, DP
    1 UBER, MT
    1 Dark Scizor; Snorunt; Kricketot; Vigoroth
    1 Weepingbell Android 17, Jungle
    1 Android 17, DBGT:S17S
    1 Android 17, the Redesigned, DBGT:S17S
    1 Trunks, the Powerful
    1 #116 HORSEA
    1 #115 KANGASKHAN
    1 Gigamantis, RotSW
    1 La Byle, Seeker of the Winds, SotM
    1 Astrocomet Dragon, Base set
    1 Galklife Dragon, SoBN
    1 Gatling Skyterror, Base set
    1 Night Master, Shadow of Decay, Base set - Flip: Erika's Weepingbell, Gym Heroes

    1 Bill
    1 20x Rare Candy
    1 Misty
    1 Power Transfer
    1 Saiyan Energy Surprise
    1 Saiyan Power Punch

    1 Boom Energy
    1 Very Hot Fire Energy
    1 3 Times Psychic Energy
    1 Bug Energy
    1 Random Fight Energy
    1 10000 energy
    1 Dragonball
    1 Alt. Namek Dragonball 4

    1 Swamp
    1 Plains

    4 Ace

    1 Reckless Greed

    Very impressive, I know.

    Now, let us take a closer look at the more important cards in the deck:

    These are Gallade and Dusknoir. I saw some dude play these once, and then another, so I was like "wow, those cards must be good", so I put them in my deck.
    I didn't have the real ones, so I used fake ones, but nobody will ever notice... ever.

    LvX are good.
    And nobody will ever know it's fake :O

    It's worth FIFTY DOLLARS, this is to up the value of this deck. 50$ can't be bad, right?


    Unlike your average Flaaffy, this one is electric, awesome, right?

    The corner of this card has been conveniently turned, completely removing its retreat cost and set. The fact that this Aron is a walking bunch of metal with free retreat makes this the single most awesome card in the known galaxy.

    Someone told me Blissey is a very good card. I looked through my massive pile of 2 half-full 4-card binders and found none, like, at all. So this should be good enough, I guess.

    Everyone likes a party.

    This has to be the best combo in the entire universe and beyond.

    No attacks, perfect to freak out your opponent.

    Because DBZ is cooler than you'll ever want to be, ever.
    And 17 is a prime number, which is awesome.

    These cards all suck, so I put them in 1 sleeve so can use the least suckiest when I need it.

    Horsea is cool

    Duel Masters monsters are really strong. It never hurts having strong monsters, someone told me once, as long as you don't have too many, so yeah :D

    The name of this card says he's powerful, so he has to be, right?

    Shoop Da whoop

    Very useful, and very legal

    Why only evolve one?

    Misty has her own card, Dawn doesn't, so this card owns all those weird Dawn-fanboys.

    All my monsters are awesome, so I attack as many times as I like :D

    Bug Pokémon are too cool.

    Perfect with Gallade, for great injustice.

    Always have enough energy cards in your deck.

    Never run out of Mana.

    4 Aces. I'm epic at poker, people never see it coming.

    Always have a trap card to save you from tricky situations.

    WHAT, 9000?
    The best card ever. What survives over 9000 damage? That's right, nothing. Therefore, you can't win, gg.

    Here's a picture of the entire deck:

    Now, for the strategy:
    1. Get past the deck-checks.
    2. ???
    3. Profit!
    It's not that hard, really.

    Anyone copying this or doing anything like this or posting anything like this gets stabbed in the head with a Granade Launcher. Twice.

  2. Wiseman. Gengar will banish you to the Lost Zone.


    Spoon! Lol. This is hilarious...I would take out 1 Rockets Zapdos and add in a Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick people in the face! This has got to be the best deck article i have ever seen!
  3. DukeFireBird Jirachi Freak


    Nah, we need the deck to have some sort of competition... Chuck Norris always wins.
  4. GODZILLA Team Twilight 4eva \m/


    Excellent article, C-m. You covered the cards and strategies of the Epic deck. I'm sure a lot of you are skeptical. How can a deck with such a heavy reliance on Dragon Balls function properly with only 1 Giovanni's Magikarp? It may LOOK like it won't work but once you actually play the deck and get a feel for the strategy, you will quickly learn how consistent it is. Not only that but it's raw power.

    I played this version a few times at the league area during Worlds and it completely destroyed a GG/Plox deck. It's power level is certainly over 9000.
  5. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    Get your eyes checked, I did include 2 Giovanni's magikarp.
  6. Wiseman. Gengar will banish you to the Lost Zone.


    Come DFB!!! I love chuck norris and when he jumps into the water, he doesn't get wet the water gets chuck norris.

    On a serious note...I need to tell you to add oprah! her steamroll is excellent!
  7. GODZILLA Team Twilight 4eva \m/


    That extra one wasn't in the list I played.
  8. Phoenix bulbasorrre


    LOL Spoon you have truely outdone yourself!
    DFB: Forget Chuck Norris,George Lopez or a Phoenix PB Card is desprate!
  9. Heavenly Spoon Just this guy, you know?
    Heavenly Spoon

    Advanced Member Member

    The list has remained unchanged. I might make a newer version including the most damaged Blane's Moltress you'll ever see and wigglytuff with 2900 HP for worlds next year if I go, but this is all for now.
  10. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Wow, this is the best deck ever. Well worth the wait. ;p I'd like to play this deck actually. I'd win all the time. :O

    dmaster out.
  11. PimpRaichuKing Credit to G2F for the avy deleted by NN



  12. Water Mewtwo No you don't.
    Water Mewtwo


    Definately one of the funniest things I have ever seen.
  13. airconditioning herp derp


    I remember you showing this deck to me at Worlds, after you kicked my ass with your Butterfree deck. I was just amazed at the list- it was amazing.

    The only thing you have to worry about in this deck is the balls becoming inert (in which case I hope Trunks' body can take it), but outside of that, this deck is just broken. KINGRA AMU CHARIZARD KILLER RIGHT HERE
  14. PimpRaichuKing Credit to G2F for the avy deleted by NN


    This deck will PHAIL terribly w/o George Lopez and Urkelbot V7.9!!

    They can create a lockdown on your opponent not being able to drawn prizes all game b-cuz of the trap card, and DBZ will KO!
  15. [ImpulseRayquaza] turned into butterfly man


  16. Blue Thunder so long!
    Blue Thunder



    This is so hysterical. Just add in 2 George Lopez and 4 Steve Urkel and you're good to go. Just put them all together as 1. Who's gonna know you got 61 cards?
  17. PimpRaichuKing Credit to G2F for the avy deleted by NN


    TCS is a genius!

    4 Steve Urkel can manipulate the mana!
    Add a Changing Station w/ Steve and he can mix 5 cards. Head of George Lopez, Left Leg of Steve Urkel, Right Leg of Tim Taylor, Right Arm of SNoobnerd (Switch dat, SN will kill the deck) Right and Left arms of Olimar, and you got the funniest forbidden master of Pikmen ever!
  18. Mudkip711 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    OMG! can i use this deck for my battle road 0_0
  19. [ImpulseRayquaza] turned into butterfly man


  20. Mudkip711 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    (stop stealing my thunder, lol)

    no, really, i wanna use it
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