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Standard ElectroLax


Aspiring Trainer
Snorlax V-Max is a big boy that can attack. The problem is setting it up. The solution's are endless but my favorite is through a loophole. Electrode GX can set this up pretty easily thanks to its ability. How do we get those energy into the discard pile? Shuckle can send three energy straight to the discard pile. Throw in cards like Professor Research or Cinccino and we are off to the races.

4 Snorlax V
2 Snorlax V-Max
2 Voltorb
2 Electrode GX
1 Tapu Koko Prism
2 Shuckle
2 Minccino
2 Cinccino
1 Ditto Prism Star

3 Evolution Incense
4 Quick Ball
4 Pokemon Communication
3 Buff Padding
2 U-Turn Board
2 Switch
2 Pokemon Catcher

2 Volkner
4 Cynthia
2 Professor's Research
2 Lillie
1 Professor Elm's Lecture

11 Lightning Energy
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Almost decent
:D LOVE IT but after reading this it kinda scares me seeing how potent snorlax Vmax can be in expanded