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Standard Dragonite GX (Post Rotation)


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1 Dragonite (TEU 119)
4 Dratini (TEU 116)
3 Dragonite-GX (DRM 37)
1 Dragonair (DRM 36)
2 Swablu (DRM 56)
1 Jirachi (TEU 99)
2 Altaria (DRM 40)

5 Lightning Energy (SM 167)
4 Triple Acceleration Energy (UNB 190)
4 Water Energy (SM 166)

3 Pokégear 3.0 (UNB 182)
1 Professor Elm's Lecture (LOT 188)
4 Cynthia (UPR 119)
2 Escape Board (UPR 122)
4 Rare Candy (CLS 142)
2 Switch (CLS 147)
2 Erika's Hospitality (TEU 140)
4 Mysterious Treasure (FLI 113)
1 Lance Prism Star (DRM 61)
4 PokéNav (CLS 140)
2 Lillie (UPR 125)
1 Energy Spinner (UNB 170)
2 Volkner (UPR 135)
1 Judge (FLI 108)

First deck I have tested post rotation and it isn't bad at all. A little fragile but the ability to do 70 on one energy isn't anything to scoff at. I am thinking about throwing in a Zinia for energy acceleration though.


imho any deck which runs more than two evolution lines should include Ditto [*], even if you just take out a Swablu, unless there is something really important about it (higher HP, able to be searched out with Mysterious Treasure, etc.). I know you can't rare candy from the ditto, but since you're running Dragonair anyway you might as well. You never know when it might be useful, and you're not using Rescue Stretcher so the whole lost zone bit doesn't even matter.


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Honestly if this is being built for post rotation, you should make some room for Cherish Ball so you can search out the Dragonite GX's and cut out the water energies. All the cards (besides prism stars) that you only have 1 copy of will be horribly inconsistent and you should try to pick the most important cards and add more copies to them.


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What about Persian GX? When Dragonite dies, you take Rare Candy and another Dragonite, or Lance, and keep rolling!


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May I suggest that you consider UNM Dragonite-GX instead? In this new format, a non-TT that can one-shot stuff should be taken into consideration. That would allow you to drop the Altaria line, replace Jirachi with a thin Persian-GX line and trace a more streamlined strategy to answer the new meta. I'd run something like:

  • 4-1-3/1 Dragonite-GX (UNM/TEU)
  • 2-2 Persian-GX
  • Latios <*>
  • Ditto <*>
  • Lance <*>
  • 4 Welder
  • 4 Lillie
  • 2 Bill's Analysis
  • 2 Volkner
  • 4 Cherish Ball
  • 4 Mysterious Treasure
  • 4 Rare Candy
  • 3 Fiery Flint
  • 2 Fire Crystal
  • 4 Triple Acceleration Energy
  • 8 Fire Energy

Dig hard for the first Nite, get Meowth on the bench, Welder engine to drop bodies ASAP (forget the first attack). Once the first Nite falls, get Persian in, search for whatever missing pieces for the next Nite you need, Lance <*> to set up the rest of the game. Doesn't get any more straight than this.

Just an incomplete skeleton above, so you can grasp the concept and fill in the blanks. Maybe removing Ditto <*> for a Green's Search engine, I don't know. The fact is that 70, maybe 110 dmg, at a time just won't cut it for a st2 strategy. I'd go with the brutality of the new Nite to make each hard-earned candy worth it.
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