Question Do You Still Play Games From the Older Generations?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by adamlevine, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. adamlevine Aspiring Trainer


    Do you? Why?
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  2. Celever Wheeeee~


    I play what I consider the golden era of Pokémon (Emerald through B2W2) wayyy more than any games past it, or before. They're the highest quality that the series have had and there's enough challenge to give the games replayability, as you can do challenge runs of the game (i.e. nuzlockes) and actually find them challenging. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for any of the series since XY, where there's really no reason to play the games more than once or maybe twice, because they're so easy that it gets genuinely boring. I haven't even cleared a Gen VII game yet because I've lost interest due to there being no difficulty, and the quality of those games is much lower than the Emerald-B2W2 era, all of which are much more refined.
  3. Collin Aspiring Trainer


    Honestly, even though I played the older games a lot growing up, it's difficult to play them now. Especially the Gameboy games. The improvements made in the later games make the old ones hard to go back to. I am playing through Diamond again, but fairly slowly.
  4. Skylite Aspiring Trainer


    I sometimes re-run Crystal and Emerald. Those two are godlike games.
  5. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    I really enjoy playing the older games and I've played through Platinum specifically at least 20-25 times. I'll usually just pick them up if I want to do something specific with them (The Battle Frontier, for example) or if I have a long gap in my spare time and I feel like playing the games I love, where I'll usually just pick whatever game in the series I'm in the mood to play. There's definitely some charm in playing the older games if you ask me.
  6. Tails The Blonde Brainiac

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    I don't like restarting my game files if I put a lot of time into them. (I put over 800 hours into X, 1,000 into AS, and 1,000 over three files on SoulSilver).

    I'll casually go back to the older games like to shiny hunt in Gen VI (because it's the best, easiest way to shiny hunt with several methods), or to goof around in SoulSilver for an hour or two.
  7. AlphaVoxel a.k.a. Professor Rosewood

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    I go back and play X and Y occasionally (even further back if I'm looking for old events or breeding projects). Black 2 was the first Pokemon game I ever owned, by X was the first game (and system, for that matter) that I purchased on my own, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  8. His Goominess Galvantula stan (he/they)
    His Goominess


    I occasionally go back and play the older games, and whilst it's not a main series game, I probably play Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time more frequently than anything else.
    In terms of main series games, I probably play the gen 6 games more than anything - I occasionally play HeartGold (just for the Battle Frontier) and Platinum but only really in short bursts. Even though I like the gen 5 games, I don't tend to play them very often.
  9. Perfect_Shot Standard sucks, so Ban Expanded


    Yep, I mostly stick to Gen 3. Emerald and XD make a pretty solid combination, plenty of things to do between both games and the Battle Frontier is always good.
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  10. I find myself playing the past games way more than the 3DS games. I mostly Shiny-hunt and find the past Generations' rarer Shiny rate more rewarding. I don't play Red/Blue/Yellow anymore though since Shininess isn't denoted. I'm currently trying to build up full Shiny teams in VC Gold and SoulSilver. (I regret transferring some of my Gen. 4 Shinies to the newer games, as now most of them are just sitting in the PC.)
  11. Leaf_Ranger Knight of Nature and Pokémon


    Yes, I do.
    First of all I've bought Pearl just to experience again (and as much as needed) Sinnoh but with different teams. I've bought White, when having AS and Sun just to experience Isshu with native Pokémon and meet the oiginal Team Plasma.
    Secondly, I still take a few strolls in HG because that game is awesome and it's the only one where I can truly enjoy my most favorite feature: Pokémon following you, because I'm only two Pokémon away from finishing my National Dex, and also because it's seems like the best a remake can offer in terms of keeping the original while improving and having nice features. I think it has the most friendly menu, the Dex's display is effective and simple and the GS Sounds is a delight!
    I've bought my 2DS with Blue pre-installed in order to play Blue and a week ago I've decided to buy VC's Gold but a bit of nostalgia (sprites, colors, music) and to enjoy not having I don't know how many Pokémon to capture.
    I've thought of starting a new file in LG but I still didn't had the appeal to do so.
    Something that I like in the Sapphire, Gold and LeafGreen is that despite trees being used to fill almost every space (namely in Hoenn) that isn't to be available, it gives a sense of broadness to the world, something that I find lackluster in AS, since it seems, like I've said here a long time ago, the 3DS games seem to suffer/lack more on environment richness and graphics than previous generations (again, Rustboro's buildings are smaller in AS than in Sapphire)
    I also plan on keeping playing AS because the secret bases are fun, I have the Dex filled with a lot of Pokémon still to train and experience (despite not having the story to help moving on) and Hoenn is the HQ for my "Leaf Rangers"'s just too bad that AS doesn't have public/street lightning and Pokémon following you like HG.

    PS: here's hoping that the new Go games have the Sevii islands because I really want to revisit an upgraded version of it...if not, I'm going to replay LG.
  12. victoriastewart Aspiring Trainer


    ohh damn there are so many for my sake the games i hold most dear are older generations games like the C64 i guess its becouse i had that and used more time on it than any other machine even i owned quite a few in those years ...

    if i should mention others like arcade i would say the old vector game star wars i did put Alot of coins in that machine and was nearly on every high score spot :p

    now i have it in mame but rarely play it its just a personal thing the memories it bring back when i start it not so much the game today :)

    the first consule there really stunned me was PSX the only consules i had was the atari 2600 and phillips g7000 (there was collection dust in the basement) so it really did blow me away at that time becouse i still played on my C64 and amiga :)

    i never knew there was a SegaCD if i had known about it it would really have been a hit for my taste as well now i only play the games but not with the childhood feeling even the games are great on it like : snatcher, Vay, Shining Force, New Microgaming Casinos No Deposit Bonus, Dune (movie and speech wasent on the amiga version)

    all in all i dont have as much spare time as i had as kid but the feeling are still there but now im just trying most emulators to see what i did miss in the 80`s 90`s

    i could easly make a top 10 list but i wouldnt know what to put there becouse i have so many favorites....

    tho i must say arcade (MAME) comes in last place for me ...
  13. Professor_jplap Aspiring Trainer


    I love playing Red and Blue on my Gameboy Color. Best Pokemon game imo.
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  14. _Gengar_ Aspiring Trainer


    Same. Emerald is my all time fav Pokemon game
  15. TheRealBro..


    Yes, me too. They are terribly dated (graphics as well as gameplay) but that also brings some nice quirkiness to the table tat can not be found in the more polished later games. Plus, the nostalgia just cannot be beat. Getting destroyed by Misty's Starmie because you picked Charmander. Priceless.

    Oh, and the best phrase in any Pokemon game to date (at the very beginning); Blue '' I know! I'll borrow a Town Map from my sis! I'll tell her not to lend you one, Hahaha!''. Now that's what a rivalry looks like!
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  16. Professor_jplap Aspiring Trainer


    More like accidentally not doing that gym and wondering what badge you're missing and then you crush her with Charizard UvU.
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  17. TheRealBro..


    Didn't know that was possible, but not very surprising with these games : p. Probably the best way to do it though because otherwise your stuck to catching, and grinding 5 or 6 oddish.
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  18. KommissarLT Budew is best mon


    Yep, I play games from previous gens, particularly Gen 4. I don't hate the gens after that, Gen 6 is too easy unless I put myself through a Locke challenge (which I don't) and I don't have any plans to go back to Unova any time soon.
  19. AndieFlare Aspiring Trainer


    I'm doing a play-through of Gen 6, and then I'm moving on to Gen 7. I got bashed pretty badly in a Discord Sever for liking Gen 6, they were bringing up arguments like the entirety of ORAS was invalid because they didn't have the Battle Frontier. And I'm like?

    I also don't care for games graphics-wise, though Let's Go art style really bugs me. So, I won't be getting it personally. I heard once if you don't like the art style of something you probably won't be able to stand the rest of it because throughout the game your constantly looking at the art style and the character, and art style matters too. I don't see why people dismiss me as whining when I say I don't like Let's Go's art style/animation because it is valid to me at least. ^^;

    Anyway, I also play Red/Blue/Yellow on the Virtual Console and Gold/Silver/Crystal. I plan on doing an Animelock eventually of the original Gen (Gen 1 & 2)'s games where I follow the anime as closely as possible, but I still follow basic nuzlocke rules. I'm excited for it because once I get a capture card for a 3/2DS I can upload stuff!
  20. gamemodapk Aspiring Trainer


    I truly appreciate playing the more seasoned amusements and I've played through Platinum particularly no less than 20-25 times. I'll normally simply lift them up in the event that I need to accomplish something particular with them (Subway Surfers IOS) or on the off chance that I have a long hole in my extra time and I have a craving for playing the amusements I cherish, where I'll typically simply pick whatever diversion in the arrangement I'm in the mindset to play. There's very some appeal in playing the more seasoned diversions in the event that you ask me.

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