Question Do You Still Play Games From the Older Generations?


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I definitely go back to replay the games that is only if I manage to snag all the versions of a set of games. It just gives me a chance to play through the game with pokemon I've never used before as well as re-experience the world of those games and the story. I just find it fun haha.


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I like to play the third generation games from time to time (especially Sapphire and Emerald) just to see the world I saw as a kid through different eyes and of course different Pokémon.

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I am playing Pokémon Omega Ruby and I must say- it’s soooo much better than Sun and Moon by almost every aspect. Shame there are not a lot of people online anymore.


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Platinum is my all-time favorite video game and I used to play it over every couple months through high school. I'm three years into college and the only game I've replayed since freshman year is Pokémon Conquest, but I'm so begging for the potential Sinnoh remakes.

I've actually contemplated running through Sinnoh again very recently, as almost all my favorite Pokémon are from generation 4. I just have a lot going on and haven't gotten around to it.

I wonder which starter I would choose? :p


I replay all the gens all the time. I even tried speedrunning Pokemon Y a couple of times, but I just wasn't cut out for it... I usually get around 6hrs 40-50m, but the record is something like 3.5 hours. I would like to get under 6, though, so I'll probably keep at it until I do, then move onto something else :D


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Pokemon G/S/C and Emerald are a guilty pleasure of mine. These games are the apex of of the franchise. I personally believe Gen2 was the best the game had to offer since it offered so much to the series but Emerald is by far the best. I feel modern Pokemon games don't offer as much in terms of feels.

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Heck yeah, still. Well, a year ago. BW2 is the latest game which I became serious competitively. FRLG started me to do the National Dex.


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PMD sky... Yeah... The new PMD games have nothing on this gem. Defo want to replay gen 4.


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Heck yeah. Currently without a 3DS or Switch, but even if I had those now, I would still play my older games. I often restart them after a long period of time. Currently I'm playing Platinum and PoKémon Masters. Also playing Colossuem & XD for the GameCube but gotta stop by my local alternative game store to get a new controller since my last broke. And when it comes to the older PoKémon stuff, I also enjoy the older movies too.


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I replay all the games on a near constant basis from Gen 1 to Gen 7 :D I just never stop enjoying the games and the feelings they create, just so nostalgic and fun.