BW/BW2 Dialogue

Page 2-3:
Top screenshot by Cheren: "Pokemon are waiting for us inside that present box."
Bottom Left: "Pokemon Trainer Cheren challenges you to a battle"
Top bottom right: "The most, my goal is to be the champion."
Bottom bottom right: "in other words, if it were to enter the dark-coloured grass village, to not pay attention/take head thing..."
Beru page:
Left screenshot: "Beru: "for some reason,..."
middle screenshot: "I recieved a pokemon, what a praiseworthy trainer"
Right Screenshot: "Pokemon Trainer Beru wants to battle/challenges you to a battle."

Note: sorry, having a hard time translating Beru, her speech is difficult.

Page 4-5:
N's page:
top box: "I will better the champion!"
Top bottom box: "to beak up pokemon and humans, black, white, clearly divided"
middle bottom: "for the purpose of changing the world, (something) not dissolve."
bottom bottom: "Pokemon Trainer N wants to battle/challenges you to a battle"

again, sorry, my english isnt very good, neither is my dictionary.

Starter Page:
Starter choices: "Fire-Type Pokemon "Pokabu", Grass-Type Pokemon "Tsutaja", Water-Type Pokemon Mijyumaru."
Bottom of the page:
Bigger box: "Lets step through Route One, everyone together!"
Top little box: "This Isshu Region, want to meet all the pokemon!"
Bottom little box: "What a beautiful adult you have become! then, welcome!"