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Alright people, I think I've struck gold once again.

Darmanitan... a Pokemon I have previously overlooked. If used correctly, Darmanitan can be a complete monster.

Darmanitan @ Choice Band
Jolly Nature
Sheer Force Ability
EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed
Flare Blitz
Fire Punch

Okay, so the ability Sheer Force removes Secondary Effects and raises power by 33%. Now, Flare Blitz has the Secondary Effect of Burning the opponent. I don't know if it's recoil is considered secondary or not.
The base power of Flare Blitz is 120. Add STAB, Sheer Force and a Choice Band to that and you have an INSTANT K.O.! Seriously, think about it, that is a RIDICULOUS amount of power. This set is the ultimate wall breaker.

Fire Punch also can burn the opponent. The main reason I threw this move on there is in case Flare Blitz still has recoil. Earthquake is for type coverage as is Superpower.

Darmanitan will have around 379 Attack with a Jolly nature which means 317 Speed, really not all that bad for a wall breaker.

What are your thoughts? I'm seriously considering integrating this set into my team.

Thanks for your time. :)


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Life Orb Darmanitan is better in most situations. There's a glitch in B/W, and Pokes with Sheer Force do not take Life Orb recoil. Choice Band is still viable, but imo 20% more power isn't worth the inability to switch moves in most cases. Also, U-Turn over Fire Punch. Fire Punch just doesn't have enough initial power to be useful. But yeah.


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It's a glass cannon. The Stealth Rock weakness really hinders it. The Pure fire typing also isn't very good either in this metagame. Although it is quite a strong hitter, especially with choice band, I really don't think it will ever be able to be that effective.

Shadow Scyther

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This guy is a beast. But i think he really shines with a choice scarf set. He still does crazy amount of damage with flare blitz.


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That's why CB is his only set.


Use it on a sun team, makes him even more rediculous. Sadly, as others have said, he has too many flaws. Wish support can help him from only being usable once or twice.


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Basically, Darmanitan is the Porygon-Z of Generation 5. Incredible offensive stats, but couple that mediocre speed and below average defences, Darmanitan is not going to see very much use. Also, Drizzle and Sandstorm are so common nowadays.