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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by MasterGallade, Jan 28, 2021.

  1. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe anyone has created a complete list of every Shiny Pokemon card, and Bulbapedia's list is criminally empty. So, because collecting Shinys is my number one priority for my own personal collection, I finally decided to create my own complete checklist on Google Docs:D

    You can view the Google Doc with the complete list HERE.

    I've been collecting Shiny Pokemon cards ever since I pulled a Shining Magikarp from a First Edition Neo Revelation pack in 2003, and I seriously started hunting them after I pulled a Rayquaza Star from an EX Deoxys pack from my now-closed local game store. The Corocoro Shining Mew Promo is my favorite card of all time as well <3 I will be constantly updating this database every time a new Shiny Pokemon card is revealed, as well as every time I acquire one I am missing. I also update my signature with the number I currently own c:

    I have explained a few things at the top of the list, including why First Editions are not counted as separate items. Obviously some people might not agree with this, but it is how I established the rules for my own collecting purposes. Also, some of the formatting might not be in place because I usually edit this at work on a different browser than I have at home, but that will all be adjusted soon.

    Feel free to reference this list to see how many Shiny Pokemon cards you guys have <3

    (And for those interested, I also have a complete Mew card list on Google Docs, seen HERE.)
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  2. livfreely Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for putting this together!
  3. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    No problem! I've had a physical list for years and have been meaning to transfer it to digital for awhile, but I just finally got around to doing it haha
  4. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    Unless anyone wants to debate it, I've decided to add Pryce's Delibird and Sabrina's Espeon from the VS set to the list - these two cards have always stuck out to me, as they are clearly drawn in their Shiny form (Espeon is more obvious than Delibird), which can be determined by comparing them to their Gold & Silver sprites as well as another one of their cards from the same set:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'm not sure if these were specifically commissioned by Creatures to be drawn as Shiny, or if the artists took creative liberty, but either way I definitely count them as part of my complete list c:
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  5. atoizoi Aspiring Trainer


    Hi there! I've been using your list to see if I'm missing anything from my own shiny collection for a while, thanks a lot for sharing it and updating it!

    Not that anyone asked but I'm personally skipping a specific few: Japanese Shining Magikarp promo (since it's the same artwork with the normal english shining magikarp), the WC gold stars (as non valid TCG cards), all Jumbo cards (also non valid TCG cards), the Volcarona tournament stamped cards (generally I don't collect variations that only differ at a stamp), and the evolution stage error Zoroark (not collecting error cards). Having said that, I'm currently sitting at 322 unique cards (missing almost all Gold Stars, and a bunch of shinies from Shining Fates/Battle Styles/Chilling Reign).

    However, I recently noticed your addition of the two VS cards and let's say that I find these two... debatable. :)
    I do see the pinkish color of the Delibird (and I already ordered one in pristine condition since it's not that rare/expensive :p) but it could potentially be from trying to make the artwork look like it's oversaturated and bright.

    And I'm having an especially hard time with the Espeon since most of it is purple while there is only a hint of dark greenish, still mixed with a lot of purple in the center. Again I feel like this is a stylistic effect to give a better feeling of the weird and dark environment and the surrounding lights, rather than making it shiny. Similar to how this Carbink has deeper blue gems on it, like the shiny would, and is even considered to be shiny by the bulbapedia trivia section, while it's obviously not since the "neck" color is not correct. Also similar to how Morty's Misdreavus from Pokemon VS also has hints of green in it but is not shiny (the tips of the "hair" should be yellow for the shiny).

    Is there any other discussion about these two cards being shiny elsewhere? Can't find anything.
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  6. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    No problem, I'm glad to hear someone's getting use out of it:D And that's what's great about collecting - it's totally fair to define what it is you want to collect personally, as opposed to every single version of every card in existence haha

    I don't think I've never seen anyone discuss these two VS cards anywhere on the internet before, which is so weird to me LOL but yeah that's the problem with cards like this, because of what you were saying about the lighting and the environments having color effects on the Pokemon themselves, making it hard to tell if they really are Shiny or not (which clearly, without the blue neck color, that Carbink is not; Bulbapedia should really remove that from the listing lol)

    In the case of the Espeon, the one thing that really convinces me is its eyes, which are a much different color that its regular form, and are instead closer to its modern Shiny sprites; in fact, I'm much more convinced that the Espeon is Shiny as opposed to the Delibird, which I feel like could more clearly be blamed on the lighting/environment - BUT in both cases, it's the stark differences between the supposed Shiny artworks and the clearly regular-colored artworks of the other cards of the same Pokemon from the same set that really convince me that they are indeed Shiny c:

    Of course, anyone is free to interpret my list how it fits them personally <3
  7. atoizoi Aspiring Trainer


    Yeah I see your points!

    By the way, I'm sure you are familiar with some of the following cards, but I'd like to offer for consideration cards with shiny pokemon in the general artwork or references to shiny pokemon:

    1) Pikachu with Shiny Rayquaza poncho:
    2) Hoopa with Shiny Rayquaza in the background:
    3) Cynthia (Hidden Fates Full Art) with shiny Lucario in the background:
    4) My personal favorite: Shining Imakuni?

    Even if the above don't count towards a completion goal, I think they deserve at least a mention in any list with shiny TCG pokemon (even as an appendix)! :D

    Let me know if you know of other similar cards!
  8. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    YESSS Shining Imakuni? is one of my favorite cards of all time <3 (I've always loved the Imakuni? cards they're so hilarious LOL)

    The reason I don't count these cards is because they are either not specifically cards of a Pokemon (in the case of Imakuni? and Cynthia, as well as the Gyarados Spirit Link from BREAKpoint) or the name of the card doesn't include the Shiny Pokemon that is pictured in the illustration (like with the Hoopa and Poncho-Wearing Pikachu), BUT I will definitely add them as an Extras/Appendix section at the bottom of my list, because they do deserve to be recognized :D
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  9. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    I think another interesting card is Nidoqueen from Skyridge. I've always thought it looked more Green than Blue, with the chestplates being much darker than the light yellow that they usually are. Idk if it's just me who thinks this, or if it's just the lighting, but I think it's worth mentioning hehe :p
  10. MasterGallade @Mithrarin on Twitter


    OH I forgot about this card haha - this is a very interesting case because for whatever reason, Sugimori's early stock art on the Jungle and Gym Challenge cards also depict Nidoqueen in similar colors, and Arita's Skyridge art seems to follow this color scheme rather than the colors of its sprite in RBY and GSC; I guess they were just super indecisive of what colors to go with LOL even in RSE her regular colors are lighter than they are now

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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