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Standard Cant Touch This

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by pikachuuuu101, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    Deck List

    3 - Mew EVO
    3 - Oddish
    1 - Gloom
    3 - Vileplume BUS
    1 - Tapu Lele GX
    -----11 Pokemon-----
    4 - Ultra ball
    3 - Rare candy
    1 - Rescue stretcher
    1 - Super rod
    1 - Special charge
    3 - Field blower
    2 - Float stone
    2 - Choice band
    ----17 items-----------
    4 - Professor Sycamore
    4 - N
    1 - Bridgette
    2 - Skyla
    3 - Guzma
    2 - Plumerina / Team flare grunt
    ----16 supporters-------
    1 - Parallel city
    ----1 stadium-----------
    4 rainbow energy
    4 grass enrgy
    ----8 energy------------
    53 cards

    the other slots could be used for an extra attacker, more consistency, or more denial.

    Card Choices

    3 Mew - its ability lets you be immune to damage from evolved Pokemon and chip away at them with low to no risk
    3-1-3 Vileplume - its ability allows it to wall against basic Pokemon like Volcanion, letting it chip away easily at their horde of EXs
    1 Tapu Lele GX - the fact that it can find you any supporter is so good that it cant be passed up
    4 Ultra Ball - best search in the game, doesn't need need explaining
    3 Rare Candy - allows you to get out your Vileplumes quicker than manually evolving
    1 Rescue Stretcher - lets you get you Pokemon back to the hand, useful for streaming mews
    1 Super Rod - allows you to recycle your basic energy
    1 Special Charge - lets you reuse your rainbow energy
    3 Field Blower - get rid of tools on Garbodor to turn your abilities back on and start tanking again
    2 Float Stone - switch between your attacker to match whats active
    2 Choice Band - to finish off games before you deck out
    4 Professor Sycamore - great draw
    4 N - this deck doesn't take early prizes so n is often advantageous
    1 Bridgett - lets you grab out basic Pokemon to set up quickly
    2 Skyla - grabbing out any trainer card is always good so this card works well
    3 Guzma - lets you bring up something bulky to set up behind
    2 Plumerina / Team Flare Grunt - removing energy is always good, I lean towards Flare Grunt but do see merit of both
    1 Parallel City - removing benched Pokemon is good and limiting damage, while situational is also helpful
    4 Rainbow Energy - lets you power up your your main attackers without needing multiple types of energy
    4 Grass Energy - Vileplume is the heaver attacker so you need more grass energy than psychic

    Other Cards

    Tapu Fini GX - its GX attack is good at shuffling big threats away
    4th Field Blower - removing Garbodors tool is useful and I strongly advise this
    Hammers - energy denial helps with most match ups


    the basic stratagy is just to set up teh pokemon needed to wall aginst the opponents deck and then win with small attacks

    - pikachuuuu101

  2. Akiro Aspiring Trainer


    Pretty good idea but i think your unly answer to garbotoxin would be tapu fini but your opponents have enough time to pick it off with guzma before you can attack with is since there is no energy acceleration or simply recue strecher it back
  3. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    yah but if you can blower tools of or guzma you can win
    anyways its not particularly competitive
  4. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    As @Akiro mentioned, the host of Garbotoxin decks (e.g., Espeon-Garb, Drampa-Garb, etc.) will be difficult match-ups; plus, any deck running strong Basic attackers like Darkrai EX, Drampa GX, Tapu Koko, Tapu Koko GX, Tapu Bulu GX, Tapu Lele GX, Tauros GX, Turtonator GX, Volcanion EX, Zygarde EX...
  5. Spidy Aspiring Trainer


    Also any evolution deck will give you problems if they just hit mew with tapu lele
  6. AFEX Serena is too cute!


    This deck is amazing! Meta breaking! *COUGH COUGH, GARBOTOXIN* eh hem, sorry bout that :T
  7. pikachuuuu101 Custom Title


    Vileplumes ability makes it immune to basics
  8. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    That Vileplume offers no protection to the Mew when the Mew is Active and the Mews will be easy 1HKO targets. Further, in some cases, those Basics I referenced may also run other Pokémon that can either snipe the Vileplumes while they are on the bench or use their own respective Stage Pokémon to attack them directly.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017

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