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Trades [CA/CA,US,WW] [H] Binder of ex, DP, Platinum, SM bulk, JP cards [W] wantlist

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by DMYSYS, Apr 8, 2020.



    Hello all! I have been lurking on Pokébeach ever since the site opened and sporadically comment on the forum to complain about pull rates and set sizes. I have traded in the past on LiveJournal and on reddit, and would like to give Pokébeach a try as well.

    I only have a few pages of decently rare cards, but have a ton of bulk from various sets. I'm looking for miscellaneous cards, including some recent commons/uncommons/rares and a few GXes, mostly listed in my wants section, but my priority is the older ex era.

    I'm not registered as a seller so this will be limited to trades only, and not buying any cards at this time unless a steep discount is on offer. Thank you for understanding.

    Holofoils and Promos:

    • Not included in pictures (reply if interested): Gallade C Lv.X [RR], Garchomp C. Lv.X [SV], Japanese SM10 Heatran GX (Rainbow Rare), Japanese Neo-1 Ampharos
    Reverse Holofoils
    • Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/THGFA7f
      Includes over 20 DP era promos, EX R&S RHs, EX era stamped RHs, DP-era Promo stamped RHs, miscellany
    • Not included in pictures: some additional RHs from Platinum, comment if interested. :)
    • Not included in pictures:
      - Bulk from Base – late Neo (in LP/MP/HP condition)
      - Bulk from EX Ruby & Sapphire set theme decks
      - Bulk from Japanese XY Evolutions (all 1st edition), SM6b, SM10a, SM10b
      - Bulk from English Shining Legends, Hidden Fates, and Cosmic Eclipse
    (Nearly) Complete Sets
    • Platinum: I have not decided if I would be willing to part with it yet. Most likely would at least want to hold on to the Secret Rare Scyther and Electabuzz (I have a double of Hitmonchan.) Currently gauging interest / open to offers.- complete except for Shaymin Lv. X and the SH cards- uses RH versions of 5, 7, 8, 10, 18, 19, 28, 32, 36, 39


    e-Card era
    • Anything! Except for the Aquapolis commons (I've got a complete set already.)

    EX era

    • I have a lot of cards from the EX era but haven't quite finished any set! So in addition to the below, let me know what other cards you have!
    • EX Ruby and Sapphire high priority: Blaziken 03, Mightyena 10, Breloom 16, Aron 25, Cascoon 26, Kirlia 34, Mightyena 42, Vigoroth 47, Poochyena 64, Poochyena 65, Metal Energy 94, Mewtwo ex 101, Psychic Energy 107
    • EX Sandstorm high priority: Mawile 09, Kirlia 40, Skitty 79, Trapinch 81, Spearow 82
    • EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua: all non-Team cards (13, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 96, 97)
    • EX FireRed and LeafGreen: Kakuna 36
    • EX Team Rocket Returns: Dark Flaaffy 33, Dark Pupitar 40/41, Larvitar 62, Magikarp 65, Mareep 67, Slowpoke 76
    • EX Emerald: Kyogre 06, Doduo 45, Shroomish 64, Treecko 70, Grass Energy 101, Fire Energy 102, Lightning Energy 104, Psychic Energy 105, Fighting Energy 106
    • EX Unseen Forces: Bellossom 03, Jolteon 08, Cleffa 21, Hitmontop 26, Stantler 32, Quagsire 44, Scyther 46, Shuckle 47, Pineco 66, Remoraid 71, Ho-Oh ex 104, Unown cards
    • EX Legend Maker: Graveler 34, Seedot 61, Voltorb 68,
    • EX Delta Species: Eevee 68
    • EX Holon Phantoms: Bellossom 19, Combusken 39, Holon's Castform 44, Barboach 60
    • EX Crystal Guardians: Charmeleon 30, Skitty 41, Charmander 49
    • EX Dragon Frontiers: Nidoqueen 07, Bayleef 26 (RH), Shelgon 38, Bagon 43
    • EX Power Keepers: Vigoroth 41 (RH), Kabuto 51, Swablu 66, Mysterious Fossil 85
    DP era
    • Early DP: most of the DPBP numbered cards, especially Crobat, Venomoth, Cyndaquil, Xatu, Jumpluff, Sunflora, Aipom, Mudkip, Marshtomp, Shroomish, Manaphy
    • Stormfront: Salamence, Scizor, Staraptor, Skarmory, Larvitar, Charmeleon, Charizard
    • Platinum: Dialga 5, Dialga G 7, Gardevoir 8, Giratina 10, Altaria 18, Banette 19, Giratina 28, Kricketune 32, Ninetales 36, Shaymin Lv. X 126
    • Rising Rivals: Gallade E4, Heracross E4
    • Supreme Victors: Bulbasaur 93, Rayquaza C 8, Garchomp C 60
    HGSS era
    • HGSS Cleffa
    • any Unleashed/Undaunted

    XY era
    • any full art supporters or any of XY Generations, especially the ones listed
    • XY Generations: Shellder 19, Gastly 33, Clefairy 50, Energy cards (except Fairy)
    • XY Evolutions: Charizard 11, Nidoking 45
    SM era
    • Any FA supporters/secret rares, or only any of the listed cards.
    • SM: Masquerain 08 (RH), Rowlet 09, Growlithe 21, Arcanine 22, Torracat 25, Poliwhirl 31, Wingull 37, Pelipper 38, Wishiwashi 44, Chinchou 49, Lanturn 50, Togedemaru 53, Zubat 54, Cosmog 64, Makuhita 67, Alolan Rattata 76, Alolan Persian 79, Carvanha 81, Dragonite 96, Fearow 98, Timer Ball 134, Ultra Ball 135
    • Guardians Rising: Alolan Sandshrew 19, Alolan Sandslash 20, Slowpoke 48, Slowbro 49, Gligar 67, Murkrow 78, Sableye 80
    • Shining Legends: Shaymin 07, Shining Genesect 09, Litten 15 (RH), Raichu GX 29, Shining Mew 40, Latios 41, Shining Rayquaza 56, Shining Arceus 57, Mewtwo GX 78
    • Celestial Storm: Electrode GX 48, Mr. Mime GX 56, Banette GX 66, Tyranitar 87, Sableye 88, Steelix 89, Scizor GX 90, Latios Prism Star 108, Rayquaza 109, Dunsparce 110, Slaking 115, Friend Ball 131, PokéNav 140, Rare Candy 142, Super Scoop Up 146, Rainbow Energy 151, PokéNav 181, Rainbow Energy 183
    • Lost Thunder: Chikorita, Bayleef, Meganium, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Pineco, Shuckle, Shuckle GX, Moltres, Entei, Victini, Slowpoke, Slowking, Delibird, Mantine, Suicune, Suicune GX, Electabuzz, Chinchou, Lanturn, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Raikou, Pachirisu, Dedenne, Natu, Xatu, Espeon, Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Sableye, Sudowoodo, Phanpy, Donphan, Alolan Meowth, Alolan Persian, Umbreon, Forretress, Steelix, Scizor, Chansey, Blissey, Ditto Prism Star, Eevee, Stantler, Smeargle, Miltank, Lugia GX, Ho-Oh, Morty, Whitney
    • Team Up: Paras, Parasect, Charmander, Charmeleon, Moltres, Articuno, Voltorb, Electrode, Zapdos, Emolga, Cosmog, Pancham, Poochyena, Absol, Skarmory, Jirachi (sigh..), Latias & Latios GX, Dragonair
    • Unbroken Bonds: Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Venonat 10, Venomoth, Venomoth GX, Weepinbell, Victrebel, Poliwhirl, Tentacool, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Krabby, Kingler, Froakie, Rhydon, Gligar, Hitmontop, Murkrow 108, Spiritomb, Krokorok, Alolan Diglett, Wigglytuff, Green's Exploration 175, SR Green's Exploration
    • Unified Minds: Yanma, Celebi, Fletchinder RH, Froslass, Dewpider, Joltik, Uxie, Azelf, Onix, Honchkrow, Noibat, Lickilicky, Hoothoot, Bidoof,
    • Hidden Fates: Raichu GX, Electrode, Arbok, Weezing, Mewtwo GX, Snorlax, Bill's Analysis, Blaine's Last Stand, Erika's Hospitality, Jessie & James, Moltres & Zapdos & Articuno GX 69
    • Cosmic Eclipse: Magcargo, Empoleon, Magneton, Dusknoir, Trevenant, Cosmoem, Alolan Sandslash, Mawile, Azurill, Whimsicott, Kommo-o, Eevee 167, Igglybuff, Aipom, Ursaring, Lillie's Poké Doll, Red & Blue 202, Pikachu 241, Mimikyu 245
    Japanese Set Wants
    • XY-CP6: Starmie BREAK, Nidoking BREAK, Mewtwo EX, Mew, Machamp BREAK, Dragonite EX, Deevolution Spray, Maintenance, Blastoise Spirit Link, Double Colorless Energy, bilingual Exeggutor, Imakuni?'s Doduo, Here Comes Team Rocket!
    • SM8b: Combusken, Braixen, Riolu, Rockruff, Zweilous, Magnemite 78
    • SRs from XY-CP6, SM6b, SM8b, SM10a, SM10b
    • French EX Crystal Guardians
    • Any other languages (French, German, Russian) for ex era sets or SM era sets
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  3. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    Hey DMYSYS,

    I’ll post more in-depth tomorrow, but I’m certainly interested. There are a good number of the cards that you want that I have (mainly SUM era) and I’ve looked at the photos of your binder and found some stuff in there that I’m interested in too. The main question I have is, are you willing to ship to Australia? I’m more than happy to throw in some extra cards to cover the higher-than-usual cost of postage. Your thread is WW so I hope that means you’re ok for international postage.

    I’m looking forward to doing business with you,

  4. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    Hey! I've had a look at what I have and filtered out what you want of that. Those cards are listed here:

    EX Ruby and Sapphire high priority: Breloom 16

    XY Evolutions: Nidoking 45

    SM: Torracat 25, Cosmog 64, Timer Ball 134 (x6), Ultra Ball 135
    Guardians Rising: Alolan Sandshrew 19, Sableye 80
    Celestial Storm: Sableye 88, Dunsparce 110 (x3), Friend Ball 131, PokéNav 140, Rainbow Energy 151
    Lost Thunder: Chikorita (RH), Skiploom, Shuckle GX (x2), Victini, Slowking, Chinchou, Lanturn (RH), Mareep 75, Mareep 76 (x3), Flaaffy (x3), Ampharos (x2), Pachirisu, Dedenne, Alolan Meowth, Stantler, Lugia GX (x2), Lugia-GX (FA), Morty, Whitney
    Team Up: Paras, Charmander (x3), Charmeleon (x2), Voltorb, Cosmog (x2), Cosmog (RH), Poochyena, Dragonair (x2)
    Unbroken Bonds: Oddish 5, Oddish 6 (x2), Vileplume, Venomoth GX, Weepinbell, Tentacool (x2), Slowpoke, Slowpoke (RH), Slowbro (RH), Krabby (x2), Rhydon, Hitmontop (x3), Murkrow 108, Krokorok, Alolan Diglett,
    Unified Minds: Yanma, Yanma (RH), Fletchinder (RH), Joltik, Azelf, Onix (x2)
    Cosmic Eclipse: Empoleon (x2), Alolan Sandslash, Mawile, Igglybuff, Aipom

    Some other stuff I thought you might be interested in given your current want list: Feraligatr (EX Unseen Forces, 4/115), Bede FA (Sword & Shield, 199/202)

    There are a couple of RHs in there where you've asked for the regular version, but not the other way around. I've also included card counts for what I have since you didn't specify how many you need (although it's probably just one of each).

    I've had a look at what you have in the imgur pics, and I've had a look for things which interest me; they are outlined below:

    From your "Holofoils and promos" binder, in order of appearance:
    - Porygon-Z Promo
    - Clefairy (Metronome)
    - Gardevoir (Telepass)
    - Porygon-Z (Conversion)

    From your "Reverse holofoils" binder, in order of appearance:
    - Page 1: Azelf, Sableye, Metang
    - Page 2: Snowpoint Temple
    - Page 3: Magikarp
    - Page 4: Kirlia
    - Page 5: Ralts #2
    - Page 6: Kirlia, Dialga, Palkia

    From your "Bulk" binder, in order of appearance:
    - 1: Venonat, Machop, Machoke
    - 2: Oddish
    - 3: Unown L, Mareep, Unown T, Slugma
    - 4: Larvitar, Larvitar
    - 5: Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, Oddish
    - 6: Machop, Larvitar, Pupitar
    - 7:
    - 8: Ralts, Ralts #3
    - 9:
    - 10:
    - 11: Holon Lake, Cyclone Energy, Flaaffy
    - 12: Oddish, Gloom, Beldum
    - 13: Squirtle
    - 14: Meowth, Meowth, Machoke
    - 15: Dratini, Mareep, Flaaffy
    - 16: Ralts, Ralts
    - 17: Riolu
    - 18: Broken Time-Space, Team Galactic's Mars, Galactic HQ
    - 19: Looker's Investigation, Cynthia's Feelings, Cyrus' Conspiracy, Level Max, Poke Drawer +, PlusPower, Life Herb, Pokemon Rescue, Poke Radar, Conductive Quarry
    - 20: Technical Machine TS-1, Bebe's Search, Dusk Ball, Darkness Energy, Leftovers
    - 21: Charmeleon, Machoke

    If these seem a bit random, that'd be because I'm currently building a draft cube and this is an easy way to get my hands on a bunch of cards from different sets and eras. There may be some other cards from what you haven't included images for that I'm after, but I'll have a look into it and let you know about that later.

    I'm more than happy to trade at 1:1, since they're almost all worth peanuts (please point out any that aren't! I'm not overly familiar with the values of older cards and I'm working from the assumption that most of them are worth under $2). I haven't counted how many cards I have that you want / you have that I want, but if they're similar in number and approximate value then swapping the lots works for me as well.

    I'm currently in Australia, but since the name of the thread shows that you're open to worldwide trading I hope that's not an issue for you. I'm happy to throw in some extra cards for the higher-than-usual cost of postage if that's something you feel is necessary.


    Hello, first of all thank you so much for reading through my post. I want to apologize for the huge delay in getting back to you, I thought I had set up notifications for when the thread got any replies, and that didn't quite pan out. I'll work through your post and get back to you very soon, hopefully you're still interested but I appreciate if you've already traded some of the cards. Trading with Australia isn't a huge concern for me, I actually lived in Australia from 2017-2019 and I thankfully never lost anything in the mail between AU and Canada.
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    I went ahead and prioritized reviewing this trade this evening so I have a list put together in an Excel sheet. (Incidentally, I'm absolutely interested in the Ferligatr from Unseen Forces, thanks so much for mentioning it.)

    Here is a link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19gfxilz_lYnK1gRGD6ffmloXElQ9TqGd7rt_nWncfJ4/edit?usp=sharing

    I'm absolutely happy to do a lot swap as you mentioned

    ...but I think that's a bit too skewed in my favor so I have a slightly modified proposal as per this link; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19gfxilz_lYnK1gRGD6ffmloXElQ9TqGd7rt_nWncfJ4/edit?usp=sharing for my 69 cards listed on the left, for your 54 cards on the right.

    All of my cards you're after are available; I'm still after all of your cards except 6, which have been crossed out. There are then another 6 cards, which I'll still be after, but left them out of this trade for misc reasons/to try and balance the trade out. While I'm trading you more cards overall, you're trading me a couple more holofoils. I believe leaving your Vileplume GX & regular Lugia GX out of the trade, and my offering more RH and bulk cards, helps bridge the difference and makes the trade reasonable. Let me know what you think.
  7. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    I've had a look at the spreadsheet and it fits pretty well with my idea of how it'd work. There have been a couple of minor changes on my end over the past couple of weeks, so I'll outline them here. I've also made a couple of clarifications on the Breloom and Feraligatr, as I'm not that familiar with the era and I wasn't the original owner of either of them.
    - I now only have the non-holo theme deck/prerelease kit prints of Nidoking EVO and Ampharos LOT
    - Vileplume UNB and Venomoth-GX UNB are no longer available
    - Breloom EX-RS is Reverse Rare. There is some light scuffing and edge whitening on the back, and some minor scratches on the lower two thirds of the front of the card. The top corners are slightly dented.
    - Feraligatr EX-UF is Reverse Holo but slightly damaged. There are two scratches on the front of the card, one of which is visible without needing to look on an angle. The top left and bottom right corners are creased (top left crease only visible from back, bottom right crease only visible from front)
    - All other cards from SUM-on have no damage except for Torracat SUM, which has some downward scratching which is so perfectly linear I can only assume it was a printing error; and Cosmog SUM, which has significant minor scratching on the card art.
    Let me know if any of those affect the trade from your point of view.

    Since the Venomoth-GX is no longer available, I'm happy to put the cards you took out for balancing back into the trade (namely Timer ball, Chikorita RH, Skiploom, Lanturn RH, Lugia-GX).

    I look forward to hearing back from you :)
  8. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    On another note, if you want photos of any of the cards I can of course do that.
  9. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    @DMYSYS - beautiful collection! There's a fair number of cards I'm liking. Please note that I'd prefer if these cards are near mint or better - surface scratches (unless they're very light and few in number) and edgewear are probably a no for me. The description of damage on some of the cards give me hope that this is gonna be a productive trade. I send in bubble mailers, penny sleeves, Card Savers/toploaders, and cards come from a smoke-free home.

    Anyways, I'll list the cards I like here, with the ones in italics being the cards I like more:

    From the holo binder:
    • Giratina LV.X Promo
    • Shaymin LV.X Promo
    • Piplup POP6 Promo
    • Turtwig POP6 Promo
    • Gardevoir SW
    • Torterra SF
    • Garchomp C LV.X
    From the RH binder:
    • Azelf LA RH
    • Absol SW RH
    • Sableye SF RH
    • Meowth LA RH
    • Teddiursa MT RH
    • Castform LA RH
    • Snowpoint Temple RH
    • Switch RH
    • Bellossom LA RH
    • Treecko GE RH
    • Magikarp SF RH
    • Rain Castform LA RH
    • Mew SW RH
    • Ralts SW RH
    • Kirlia SW RH
    • All the Ruby/Sapphire RHs that have few surface scratches or are pristine
    From the bulk binder:
    • Exeggutor delta
    • All Ruby and Sapphire stamped Energy
    • Haunter SF
    • Chatot MD
    • Combee SF
    • Kakuna RR
    • Magnemite SF 67
    • Magneton SF
    • Ralts SW
    • Ralts PL
    • Trapinch SW
    • Skuntank G
    • Bronzong G
    • Ambipom G
    • Toxicroak G
    • Poké Turn
    • Power Spray
    • Broken Time-Space
    • Cynthia's Feelings
    • Cyrus's Conspiracy
    • Premier Ball
    • Poké Drawer +
    • PlusPower
    • Pokémon Rescue
    • Switch
    • Level Max
    • Bebe's Search
    • All stamped basic Energy past SUM
    • Any other random Trainers you might have!

    I know that's a very long list - I'm attempting to build decks from older formats and preserve some of the game's history in near mint condition. A lot of the cards you have would be a big help!

    Here are my haves:
    Ruby & Sapphire:
    • Breloom 16
    • Kirlia 34
    • Skitty 79
    • Spearow 81
    • Trapinch 82
    • Bulbasaur 39
    • Pikachu 42
    Unseen Forces:
    • Stantler 32
    XY Evolutions:
    • Brock's Grit FA
    • Misty's Determination FA
    Hidden Fates:
    • Raichu-GX
    • Bird Trio-GX 69
    • Mewtwo-GX
    • Jessie & James
    • Jessie & James FA
    • Bill's Analysis
    • Blaine's Last Stand
    • Erika's Hospitality
    • Electrode
    • Arbok
    Team Up:
    • Moltres 19
    Shining Legends:
    • Shining Arceus 57
    Cosmic Eclipse:
    • Kommo-o 163
    Misc. FA Trainers:
    • Blue's Tactics FA UNM
    • Channeler FA UNM
    • Jasmine FA TEU

    I see that you and @FourteenAlmonds are already in the works of striking up a trade so I don't want to obstruct or impede this process. My largest want is the Gardevoir SW, (and if that can be saved for me, I would be particularly thankful), but if that goes to him, that goes to him.

    Thank you for looking through everything - hoping we can make a trade!


    n.b. for all: I've had a trade on reddit fall through so I'll have to update my haves list and photos soon; the cards in question are Salamence SW, Armaldo LA [RH], Slowking GE [RH], Vaporeon [POP Holo], and Flareon [POP Holo].

    @FourteenAlmonds I've updated the spreadsheet. Thanks for the clarifications on a few cards there. I'm becoming a bit finicky with card conditions, so I've left a few of the ones you've mentioned out. With RH Breloom, I'm actually hoping to *replace* an RH Breloom I have, so it'd be a moot trade for me. Non-holo XY Evo Nido is something I'd also look to replace, but I can make due with non-holo LOT Ampharos.

    I think the most significant part of the trade, the holofoils, is still tilted in your favor, and Porygon-Z I'm considering a 'freebie' in this trade since it does have a scratch. Serperior has asked about a few cards you're after; I believe Gardevoir could be a lynchpin of this trade for you, but I'll politely ask if you're okay with excluding Azelf RH and Snowpoint Temple RH from this trade. You're absolutely free to say no.

    I also didn't think to ask if you were after any duplicates of cards in bulk? It's a bit spotty, but I definitely will have duplicates from Platinum cards I can add in to compensate from excluding the two RHs I've mentioned if you're open to that.

    @Serperior Thanks very much for reviewing my thread! I've started a provisional second tab in my trade sheet; link and I'll wait until my trade with FourteenAlmonds is finalized to see what's still available. I'd like to give him the courtesy of Gardevoir since I think that's helping maintain trade equality with what I have going on with him. Definitely a number of the cards you've mentioned are high priority for me, so I hope we can make something work. I have a couple questions for you in the meanwhile;

    - with the R&S RHs, are you after R&H base? Or are you after RHs from the whole era? (R&H base has some spotty conditions., I think Swellow is a bit scuffed. I'll provide photos before finalizing.)
    - similar question with the R&S Energies; R&S base, or any Energy from the era? Not sure what I have, but I'll check it out.
    - Are you after any duplicates of the cards you've requested? I very likely have multiple copies of the Platinum-set cards you're after as a result of a booster box I purchased way back. I think your haves currently outweigh my wants and then some and I've already started to prioritize some of the holofoils as high/low priority; I'll have to exclude a few more, I'm sure, but if I can provide some duplicates to help with some of the cards I am after, it's a boon for me.
  11. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    I appreciate the effort you've put into this - it's very professional and appealing :)

    I understand. Once we hear from @FourteenAlmonds, we'll decide specifically what we can go for. I'm kind of at the edge of my seat - the Gardevoir holo is the last card I need to complete that deck and I haven't come across one that's in the condition you've got!

    - I'm not really after R&S base. I just think the RHs are hard to come by and because I have a lot of cards to offer, I wouldn't mind trading for those just to have in the collection. I might need a few Torchic #74 and Combusken #28(both with E-Reader code print, if you have them) if you have those around (RH/base). I specifically want R&S-stamped Energy that are pristine.
    -There are a bunch of Platinum T/S/S I'm looking for you if you have multiple - I'll just list all of the cards I'm looking for from the set. Tell me how many you have of each and if they're RH or base, and if you don't have em, no worries :)
    • Dialga G
    • Palkia G
    • Bronzong G
    • Crobat G
    • Broken Time-Space
    • Cyrus's Conspiracy
    • Level Max
    • Life Herb
    • Looker's Investigation
    • Pokédex HANDY910is
    • Pokémon Rescue
    • TGI Energy Gain
    • TGI Power Spray
    • TGI Poké Turn
    • Dialga G LV.X
    • Giratina LV.X
    • Palkia G LV.X
    • Either Shaymin LV.X
    • Any of the Secret Rares
  12. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    Gardevoir and Azelf are both high-priority for me, but if you feel it's necessary to balance the trade I'm happy for you to remove Snowpoint Temple RH.

    I'm also not interested in any duplicates, so if there were any duplicates from your bulk or RH binder that I asked for without realising, I'd like you to take them out. Hopefully that will balance the trade so that it is more even for you.

    I'd also taken some photos of the damage to the Feraligatr before your post about not needing it, so I may as well include them here just so you can see for yourself. Since you're really the only person I've traded with who is actually interested in it, I'm happy to include it as a 'freebie' somewhat like the Porygon-Z if you do include the Snowpoint Temple RH.



    Corner damage:

    Scratch 1:

    Scratch 2:

    Note: Other than when I took these photos, this Feraligatr has been sleeved since I got it.


    @FourteenAlmonds Not a problem, Gardevoir and Azelf will remain as we've been discussing; I'll leave Snowpoint Temple in anyways as thanks for your consideration on the matter, though. You can hold on to Feraligatr as well; all my EX UF cards are NM or better so the poor thing would stick out like a sore thumb. :(

    I'll take some time tomorrow to go through the cards you're after and confirm their conditions are NM or better (except Porygon-Z, as mentioned earlier.) Let me know if there's any particular cards you would like more photos of.
  14. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    @DMYSYS photos of the Gardevoir and Porygon-Z would be appreciated but not necessary. If you're ready to discuss postage, let's move to DMs.

    As you're an established and respected trader already from what I can see, I'm more than happy to send first. Just lmk if you have any particular preferences for packaging or postage. Of course, all cards coming from me will be in fresh perfect fits, and holos/RHs will be in toploaders as well. I trust that you will also be packaging responsibly.


    @FourteenAlmonds PM'ed!

    @Serperior Thanks for your patience.

    Of the cards you've inquired on;

    Torchic R&S 74 x1
    Combusekn R&S 28 x0

    Dialga G x1RH
    Bronzong G x4
    Crobat G x1
    Broken Time-Space x2
    Cyrus's Conspiracy x1
    Level Max x1
    Life Herb x1
    Looker's Investigation x1
    Looker's Investigation x1RH
    Pokémon Rescue x2
    G101 Energy Gain x1
    G103 Power Spray x2
    G105 Poké Turn x3

    Secret Hitmonchan x1 (available, but large sentimental value to me. we'll see where we're at in the trade process)

    R&S Fire Energy x1 Near-Mint
    R&S Fighting Energy x1 Near-Mint
    R&S Water Energy x2 Near-Mint
    R&S Grass Energy x1 Near-Mint

    R&S Fire Energy x9 good condition but they were shuffled without any sleeves. whitening/wear apparent on the back edges of card, to varying degrees. (only slightly apparent/not at all apparent on the front)
    R&S Fighting Energy x11 good condition (as above)
    R&S Water Energy x10 as above
    R&S Grass Energy x10 as above

    re: R&S RHs - I have no idea how to explain their condition in words. Are they good? Yeah. Are they pristine? I don't know. I do not believe I sleeved these cards straight from the packs, but I have some EX Sandstorm RHs I *did* pull from pack to sleeve and they also have superficial scratching. So, awkward as it is, I made some quick 10-sec video clips so you can decide for yourself; https://imgur.com/a/dDzo8CI
  16. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    @DMYSYS - when you've cleared the trade w Almonds, let me know with what you have for our trade leftover and we can go from there - I don't want to offer on cards that you no longer have haha


    @Serperior The trade is finalized w/ Almonds, I did go ahead and annotate those cards out in the spreadsheet, I just haven't added any of the cards offered in my last post until I was clear you were interested or not. :)

    5 cards you were after are out, three of them were priority cards. There's still a ton of other cards you're after so I'm hoping you're still interested in making a trade!
  18. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    Alright! I'm interested in all the cards you listed except for the shuffled R&S Energy, RH R&S cards you made videos of, and Secret Hitmonchan. I don't want to take something of sentimental value from you :)

    Do you have any updated haves over the last few days by chance?

    I see you've listed that you have Base Set bulk - would this be near mint or what would be the condition of some of these cards?


    @Serperior I would hesitate to call any of my Base era cards NM. The majority of the bulk is from friends/acquaintances who've given me their excess/unwanted cards over the years. The closest in terms of being consistently good condition would be Base Set 2, I would call the majority of those cards LP, but I think all have at least some level of edge whitening. Base Set itself has edge whitening and worse – the exception being Energy Cards, if you're after any of those. I have so many of those that are NM, save some edge whitening, but I am sure I can find at least a few from each that are NM.

    Aside from that, I do randomly have NM cards from Jungle and Fossil. They all have some level of edge whitening on the back, but for most folks, it's as good as it's gonna get. If you're looking for, e.g., the possibility of getting them PSA graded, I would hesitate to offer that even on some of my more recent cards that've gone straight from pack to sleeve – I just don't have an eye/appreciation for card grading, and wouldn't want to disappoint on that level. I can go through my older cards and give you my best guess at the cards in excellent condition, but from what I've just found so far, the list is gonna look something like Base Set 2 Diglett, Fossil Slowpoke, Fossil Shellder, etc. Let me know if that's something you're interested in. Alternatively, if there's any particular card/cards you're after, I can take a look at my "personal collection binder", as it were, and see if I have one in NM. I don't expect to ever complete a Base era set, so I may be able to part with one or two of my own NM cards here and there.

    n.b. with Hitmonchan, I am willing to trade it, I'd just be a bit stubborn and value it as at least a Full Art. Hitmonchan's about ~$5 at the higher end of the valuation scale on the regular market, so it's a bit of a stretch on my part.
    Last edited: May 16, 2020
  20. Serperior 464/500

    Advanced Member Member

    I appreciate your honesty! I actually wouldn't mind any Base Trainers, Energy, (especially Psychic and Double Colorless), or Mr. Fuji (Fossil) in NM/LP. There's a long laundry list of Pokémon I might be looking for (again, trying to build old decks haha) but I think the Trainer and Energy are a good start. Heads up - I don't want Base 2, solely Base.

    I completely understand on the Chan. I wouldn't mind the increased valuation as long as it's pack fresh and minty.

    List off what you find/have in the Energy and Trainer section and we'll even out the trade as needed :)

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