Discussion Brilliant or Shining? Which Version Are You Getting?

Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl?

  • Brilliant Diamond

  • Shining Pearl

  • Both

  • None of them

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scattered mind

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What version fo you think is the better one? Based on the original games, or just your feeling.
I like Dialga more than Palkia but thats just the legendary which is not a very important factor for me.

His Goominess

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If the version exclusives in the originals are any indicator of what they'll be in the remakes, I'd probably say Shining Pearl, just because I prefer the Pearl exclusives to the Diamond exclusives.


happy thoughts
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I'm getting neither because these games are going to be awful. If by some stroke of the gods' luck they aren't complete rhino poopy, I'll get Diamond because Dialga a best.

Brave Vesperia

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Getting both for trading, also me and my brother always play Pokemon games at the same time. When there's remakes I always play the opposite of the one I started with though. Like since I played Pearl first upon release I'm gonna play Brilliant Diamond first and make that my "main game", so to speak.