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Standard Baby SS Urshifu


Aspiring Trainer
4 Kubfu (mf)
4 Urshifu Single strike (mf)
3 Houndour (swsh5-95)
3 Houndoom (bs)
1 Tyranitar V (battle style)
2 Crobat V (104/189)

1 Tool Scrapper (bw6-116)
2 Air Balloon (ssh)
3 Boss's Orders (swsh45-58)
2 Ordinary Rod (swsh1-171)
4 Professor's Research (sws)
2 Tower of Darkness (bas)
3 Evolution Incense (s1w-52)
4 Quick Ball (ssh)
1 Karen's conviction (mf)
1 Marnie
4 Bruno (swsh5-121)
4 Urn of Vitality (swsh5-139)
4 Single Strike Energy (swsh5-141)
4 Hiding Darkness Energy (dab)
4 Darkness Energy (swsh)

When powered up the new SS Urshifu is a force to be reckoned with. Being able to do upwards of 290 damage if you have three single-strike energy attached is going to take down many Pokemon. It also hits weakness on the new Shadow Rider Calyrex VMax, which is OHKO even without any Single Strike Energy.
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