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Standard Baby Blowns - Thinking about changing my current list

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by NateDoge, Jun 12, 2019 at 7:15 AM.

  1. NateDoge Aspiring Trainer


    I just got back into the Pokemon TCG and my first deck is Baby Blowns. I am taking it to a League Cup and then internationals and want some other opinions on it.

    Here is my current list:

    Pokemon - 5

    1x Blacephalon GX
    4x Blacephalon

    Supporters - 10

    4x Green's
    4x Welder
    2x Guzma

    Stadiums - 3

    2x Ultra Space
    1x Heat Factory

    Items - 27

    4x Fiery Flint
    4x Fire Crystal
    4x Pokegear
    3x Wishful Baton
    3x Energy Retrieval
    2x Acro Bike
    2x Rescue Stretcher
    1x Nest Ball
    1x Stealthy Hood
    1x Field Blower
    1x Beast Ring
    1x Escape Rope
    1x Pal Pad

    Energy - 14

    13x Fire
    1x Beast

    Potential Changes:

    I am considering putting in Victini Prism* as I feel that after 2 fiery flints the other 2 aren't very useful and it could give me another way of getting fire into hand if I'm low on fire crystals or retrievals. If I put in Victini I'd want at least 1 more Nest Ball as well.

    I was also thinking of putting 2 Erika's Hospitality and taking out the Acro Bikes for them, just to have a strong draw supporter if needed. Not sure if I want Erika's or Lillie.

    I feel like 3 Wishful Baton is fine, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to add a 4th?

    Stealthy Hood, Escape Rope, and Pal Pad are one ofs that I could consider dropping, but I like having Hood so I don't auto-lose to Vileplume and Pal Pad to recycle supporters if I need to hit one with Pokegear. Escape Rope has been helpful in some games at league before but not essential.

  2. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended



    I find Victini unnecessary, most of the time you won’t be getting OHKOs in Tag Teams.

    If you have a choice between Erika and Lillie, use Lillie.

    I think 3 Batons are sufficient.

    I would drop the Escape Rope.
  3. NateDoge Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for the input.

    I seem to be able to OHKO tag teams fairly consistently as long as I have a Blown set up from a previous turn or via Wishful Baton, at least from my experience. Unless you were talking about OHKOing them with Victini, but I'm was more concerned with being able to search fire out with Flints if my Fire Crystal and Energy Retrieval count is low, so if it turns into a 2HKO I don't think I'll mind.
  4. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    Yeah, I was talking about Victini. 2HKOs are fine, but mostly Greens can grab some massive damage, so mostly you’ll get OHKOs.
  5. Panzerolas Aspiring Trainer


    what about one turtonator? seems a very interesting tech as well
  6. NaganadelIsBeast Pun Intended


    I use Turto, it’s really helpful against Bronzong/Araquanid, but that’s really it.

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