Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by mimsy borogoves, Apr 2, 2021.

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    In for image

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    I want to enter as an image-based faker:3
  3. Nemes Aspiring Trainer


    In for image!
  4. Anime Psyclone The Storm that Approaches
    Anime Psyclone


    I wasn't going to join for Text-Based but why not. I'm in.
  5. Anime Psyclone The Storm that Approaches
    Anime Psyclone


    another fire emblem x pokemon crossover card and the theme gave me one choice for the trainer in question.
    Xane’s Flapple - [G] - HP: 100 - Stage 1: Evolves from Applin
    #841 Apple Wing Pokémon - H: 1’00’’ - 2.2 lbs.
    Ability: Dragon’s Trick: Whenever the Attacking Pokémon damages the Defending Pokémon, you may flip a coin. If heads, you may select one of these effects:

    You may swap out the Defending Pokémon for this Pokémon, which receives half the damage (Min of 10 damage, round up.) Do not apply Weakness and Resistance. If this Pokémon is already the Defending Pokémon, you cannot use this effect.

    You may flip a coin for every 10 damage dealt. For every heads, the Attacking Pokémon takes 10 damage. Do not apply Weakness and Resistance.

    You may discard all of the Pokémon Tool cards attached to the Active Pokémon. If one or both of the Active Pokémon do not have a Pokémon Tool card attached, you cannot use this effect.

    [G][G] Apple Toss - 20
    Flip a coin. If tails, this attack does nothing.
    Weakness: [R] x2 Resistance: N/A Retreat Cost: [C]
    “Xane, formerly a Manakete, discarded his dragonstone. Maybe his new Flapple has something to do with it?”
    xane is a cool guy from a game i never played, but the idea for this card was to make a very gimmicky card that's more of a utility card. damage is an afterthought but the utility is high for this boi
  6. Vom probably forgetting something

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    haha trick
    [Stage 2] Dragapult HP150 [P]
    Evolves from Drakloak - Rapid Strike

    NO. 887 Stealth Pokémon HT: 9'10'' WT: 110.2 lbs.

    Ability: Rapid Strike Trickster
    If Dreepy isn't anywhere under this Pokémon when you put it into play, you may draw 3 cards and put any number of your Dreepy in play or in your discard pile into your hand. (Discard all attached cards.) If this Pokémon is the last card in your hand or the only Rapid Strike Pokémon in your discard pile, you may put this Pokémon onto your Bench.

    [P] Dreepy Roulette 30+
    Reveal your hand and put any Trainer and Energy cards you find there into the Lost Zone until the beginning of your next turn. Then, reveal random cards from your hand until you reveal a card that doesn't have Dreepy in its name. Discard all revealed cards. This attack does 50 more damage for each Dreepy discarded in this way.

    Weakness: [D] x2
    Resistance: [F] -30
    Retreat: -
    Apparently the Dreepy inside Dragapult's horns eagerly look forward to being launched out at Mach speeds.
    Wigglytuff from Great Encounters - Pokémon underneath mechanic. yes I know it predates the formation of the Earth but I could not find any current era instance
    Scoop Up Net - handling of attached cards, was gonna use for scoop up effect as well but I have to specify here because they can come from discard also
    Mustard Rapid Strike + TTGX - last card in hand requirement+bonus effect if requirement met
    Mawile-GX - stuff from your hand
    Random Receiver - reveal cards until you find the thing
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  7. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    Introducing Property Pokèmon!

    Remember those cards in 2000 like Brock's Vulpix or Misty's Gyarados?Well,these cards are back,sort of.
    A Property Pokèmon is a Pokèmon that is highly connected with his Trainer,in most of the cases the Trainers are from
    different series.
    They also have higher HP and better attacks,which make them more playable.
    The Trainer's name is always before the Pokèmon in all stages.
    Example: Pico's Inteleon and Inteleon are different Pokèmon,so you have 4 copies of Pico's Inteleon and Inteleon if you want.
    Also Pico's Inteleon evolves from Pico's Drizzile,not from Drizzile,as Pico's Drizzile evolves from Pico's Sobble.

    Tricky's Mr.Mime HP 130[P]
    Basic Pokèmon

    Property-Tricky's Pokèmon

    [Ability]Circus Trick
    Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard all cards attached to one of your opponent's Benched Pokèmon and put it as a Stadium card into play(discard any Stadium card in play,discard it before using this effect)As long as your opponent that Pokèmon as a Stadium card in play, put 2 damage counters on both Active Pokèmon between turns. If another Stadium card comes into play or that Pokèmon is discarded by the effect of any attacks,Abilities or Trainer cards, your opponent put that Pokèmon in their discard pile.You can’t this ability again until the Pokèmon you chose gets discarded.
    [P][C]Stop Sign Bash 80+
    During your opponent’s next turn, they can’t play any Item cards from their hand.
    If you played Tricky's Stop Sign from your hand during this turn, this attack does 60 more damage.


    "The broadness of its hands may be no coincidence—many scientists believe its palms became enlarged specifically for pantomiming."

    Circus Trick:
    Mostly Dusknoir LVX from Stormfront.
    Stop Sign Bash:
    Vikavolt V from Darkness Ablaze.
    Garchomp from UltraPrism.
    To anyone who doesn't know Tricky,Tricky is a killer clown from the Madness Combat series that came in Friday Night Funkin' thanks to a mod.
    Mr.Mime is one of his Pokèmon in my FNF X Pokèmon crossover,it's not his ace (because that's Blacephalon),but one of his most trusted Pokèmon.
  8. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    Ok so this card is not for the contest,but since it's in Tricky's Mr.Mime attack,it's better that you know its effect.
    Tricky's Stop Sign-Item

    Energy can't be attached to the Defending Pokémon from your opponent's hand during their next turn.
    This effect can’t be applied more than once in 1 turn.

    You may play any number of Item cards during your turn.
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    Dropping out now before I end up forgetting to do so. Sorry.

    At least I won't get disqualified this time.
  10. PMJ happy thoughts

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    Wasn't sure what to do for the theme, nothing really clicked and I wanted to avoid going the memer route and incorporate the word "trick" into an existing word, like tricky. Funnily enough, I'd planned on calling one of this thing's attacks "Elec-Trick" or some other variant of it but decided not to try super hard for the fancy wordplay (especially since "Elec-Trick" sounds lame).

    I chose Rotom because it was the only usable artwork I could find for its role as a prankster. It loves to play tricks on people, so I figured it would be a solid choice for CaC.


    With "trick" being the theme, I figured a Delta Species Pokemon would be perfect. It completes the trifecta of trickery: It's a Rotom, but oops it's not the base Rotom, but oops it's not either of the types you'd assume it was. I did consider going super meme and having one of the forms be the same type as another of the forms, but in the end I decided to go with Darkness for reasons I'll get to in a bit.

    Fun fact: Rotom is the only Pokemon whose forms have had consistent naming in the TCG.

    Quick Trick is exactly what the name implies. Rotom gets in, swaps a card out when no one's looking, and gets out. It's not a fancy effect by any means, but it has a few strategic uses. The most obvious is when paired with cards like Camerupt LA or Primeape SV; Quick Trick something to the top and attack for big damage. Combine it with Absol G LV.X to get a potentially troublesome card out of the game permanently. If you've got the Bench space, and you're a bit desperate, you can use Chatot G to reorder their top 4, then use Quick Trick to get rid of the most problematic one (or more if you have more Heat Rotom). And lastly, in true troll fashion, you can simply use it to put a garbage card on the top of their deck, killing their topdeck for the next turn. Simple, yet satisfying.

    The pranks continue with Para-Trap. For one turn, you can booby trap any Trainer, Supporter, or Stadium card you like. If the opponent chooses to play the trapped card, the Defending Pokemon will get shocked into paralysis. Discarding these cards (as opposed to simply revealing them or hiding them until they're triggered) not only makes it more difficult to consistently paralyze the opponent, but doesn't also permanently lock a struggling opponent out of a certain recovery card with the threat of paralysis. Discarding also lets the Heat Rotom player throw away cards they don't need. Yay strategy!

    The bottom stats match those of Rotom of the era, and Heat Rotom RR specifically. This was my inspiration behind making my entry Darkness-type as its Delta Species type; hitting yourself for Weakness when both the types of the Pokemon your card is based on resist themselves is *chef's kiss*. Just the icing on this prank cake.

    A few notes on wording and aesthetics:

    - I used "of" your opponent's deck instead of "from" because from is limited to discarding (Unown X SW).
    - Special Conditions inflicted in the future use "is now" wording (Darkrai MD).
    - Delta Species don't exist in DP era, and while Darkness-type cards in DP have white names, I'm claiming creative license on the black name due to how the Delta Species name bar would make a white name difficult to read. (In ex era, all Darkness-type cards had black-on-black text, so this isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility.)
  11. Falling Skies The Traveler
    Falling Skies


    Allow me to present my entry:

    Alakazam HP: 120 [P]
    [​IMG]Stage 2: Evolves from Kadabra
    NO. 065 Psi Pokémon HT: 4'11" WT: 105.8 lbs.
    Ability: Calculated Draw
    Once during your turn, you may put a card from your hand face-up into your Prize cards. If you do, draw cards until you have 8 cards in your hand. You can't use more than 1 Calculated Draw Ability per turn.

    [P][P] Card Trick
    Put a card from your hand face-down in front of you. Your opponent guesses whether it is an Energy card, Trainer card, or Pokémon card. Then, reveal that card and discard it. If your opponent guessed right, discard all Energy from this Pokémon. If your opponent guessed wrong, put a different card from your hand face-down in front of you and have your opponent guess again. Your opponent discards the top 2 cards of their deck each time they guess wrong. This attack ends when your opponent guesses right or if you have no cards in your hand.

    Weakness: [D] x2
    Resistance: [F] -30
    Retreat: [C][C]

    Its superb memory lets it recall everything it has experienced from birth. Its IQ exceeds 5000.

    Well, this card's certainly a little more... out there, but I feel like it fits a tricky contest to have a tricky card. Plus, there hasn't been a Stage 2 Alakazam in nearly 14 years, so I wanted to reintroduce it properly with a bang. The HP is complete guesswork, based off of the similarly-bulky Gengar, which has 110 as of the Sword & Shield era.

    Calculated Draw is probably the main, er, draw of the card, since it's a really strong ability-based draw, but I think the downside is enough to justify it. While drawing cards until you have 8 is massive, giving yourself an extra prize card isn't exactly ideal. If you want to play this in an aggressive deck for the draw power, you're slowing down your own ability to win the game (plus, it's on a stage 2, not exactly peak speed), and if you play this in its own control deck, whatever card you put into your prizes is likely not going to be available to you for the rest of the game. Still, drawing until you have 8 without using your supporter is very good, hence the once-per-turn restriction. Can't get too set up too fast.

    Card Trick was, admittedly, a headache to word, since the most recent reference is a Blaine's Quiz card from the 90s. I think I've got it, though, or at least made it understandable, even if that is a lot of text. You put a card from your hand face-down, your opponent guesses, if they're wrong, you discard it, your opponent mills, and you keep going. If they're right, discard it and all energy from Alakazam. You can afford to try to lose your whole hand here since Calculated Draw can put you right back in the game during your next turn. It is a very powerful mill effect if it goes off, but it's not entirely reliable and recovering the energy to do it consecutively requires more setup.

    Overall, I think it's balanced, and I think it'd work well enough as its own control deck with the possibility of splashing it in other decks if you don't mind slowing your game down tremendously.

    I hope you enjoy.
  12. Jabberwock #Jovimohnaeliackvid

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    About 6 days remaining! Get yer entries in!
  13. Alolan Teddiursa Aspiring Trainer
    Alolan Teddiursa



    Credits: (1) Awesome blank and symbol sheet: ILKCMP
    (2) Illustration: Bogeymankurt
    (3) Holosheet: Aschefield101

    Special thanks to Jabberwock for the awesome card website that helped me greatly with wording. It should be pretty solid this time!
  14. FourteenAlmonds Helipotile


    I'm dropping, sorry.

    I just don't have the time to do an Image fake and I don't have any ideas worth putting into Text.
  15. Xiu Aspiring Trainer


    Hii, welcome to my entry:3
    My card is completely based on an idea I read from someone else, thought it was cool and knew I could draw it. I found about this new Pokémon (Haven't played Sw/Sh ever) and gave it a shot. The concept is simple but hope worth it.

  16. DashKing Aspiring Trainer


    For Sun and Moon Era:

    Gengar & Duskull Tag Team GX
    Type: [P] – HP 240
    Basic Pokémon (Tag Team GX)
    TAG TEAM Rule: When your TAG TEAM is knocked out, your opponent takes 3 Prize Cards.

    Ability: Spectral Trick
    When this Pokémon would take damage from the Defending Pokémon (even if this Pokémon is Knocked Out), you may switch this Pokémon with a Pokémon from your deck (Any attached cards, damage counters, Special Conditions, turns in play, and any other effects remain on the new Pokémon) and put damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon equal to the damage done to this Pokémon.

    [P][P] Spectral Cage 10
    During your opponent’s next turn, whenever a player’s Active Pokémon moves to the Bench, put 10 damage counters on that Pokémon.

    [P]+ Spectral Resonance
    If any of your Pokémon is in the Active Spot and is damaged by an opponent’s attack (even if it is Knocked Out), put 2 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon for each [P] energy card attached to that Pokémon. If this Pokémon has at least 1 extra [P] Energy attached to it (in addition to this attack's cost), put 10 damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon in any way you like. (You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

    Weakness: [D] X 2
    Resistance: [F] -20

    Retreat: [C][C]

    Gengar & Mimikyu TTGX
    Duskull VIV

    Sigilyph GX


    Espeon Deoxys TTGX
    Horror Energy

  17. Charmaster:) The Cube Master, Charmander fan, & Lapras rider.


    In for image!
    My Imposter Pokémon were largely inspired by cards like Team Flare Hyper Gear. I thought that would be really interesting to see on a Pokémon, and so I embarked on a quest to make my vision a reality, even though I've only made two cards, one a S&M Eevee and the other an Omnium Cramorant BREAK which I have yet to finish. I must say I like how it turned out.
    The design of the mechanic used to be much more convoluted, with three abilities (whose names were blatant Among Us references), one of which has since been incorporated into the Rule Box. I have since condensed it to the Rule Box, a single Ability, and an attack that basically self-destructs the Pokémon (recommended to me by Yangiku). I have also streamlined the Rule Box so that neither player takes a prize (originally the opponent of the owner took the prize), the Pokémon does not absorb your opponent's bench space (seemed more balanced that way), and it is not permanently stuck to the bench (previously I had said that it could not be made active, not retreat, and that your opponent lost if they had only Imposter Pokémon in play).
    I have hopes of designing an additional TEN Imposter Pokémon (one of each type) and submitting them to Lackey. Some have warned me that these cards are perhaps TOO complicated to be added, but I hope that they will be accepted nonetheless, as I have the feeling that they will make the game much more interesting and will add a new layer of creativity to a variety of existing decks as well as giving birth to all new strategies.
    The template was originally a Rocket Pokémon Holo template, a PMJ-modified Aschefield template created for High Stakes. PMJ removed the D, changed the card border color, and removed the R logo in the background. He also changed it to a Basic Pokémon. The Rule Box was a blank rule box shared with PMJ by a friend or acquaintance (I think), and the frame was chiseled off of one of PMJ's Pokémon B for the sake of time. The illustration was by Xiu. The cosmos holosheet is by Aschefield.
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  18. bbb888 One Life. One Dream.


    Here is my entry:

    Deoxys - Psychic - HP 110

    NO. 386 DNA Pokémon HT: 5'07" WT: 134.0 lbs.

    Ability: Tricky Technicolor Types
    As long as this Pokémon has a Special Energy attached to it, it is a [L], [D], [M], and [C] Pokémon.

    [L][D][M][C] Amazing Trick 10x
    Search your deck for a card, reveal it, and shuffle it into your deck. Then, reveal cards from the top of your deck until you reveal that card. This attack does 10 damage for each card you revealed in this way. Shuffle the revealed cards back into your deck. You can't do more than 300 damage in this way.

    Weakness: Psychic (x2)
    Retreat: [C][C]
    DNA from a space virus mutated and became a Pokémon. It appears where auroras are seen.

    Jabberwock's rules don't specify how many times the word "trick" (or its variants) can be used. This is my version of Amazing Rare Deoxys! Although Amazing Rare cards are introduced in Vivid Voltage, I am using wording of the Expanded format for the sake of references.

    The Ability name is an alliteration and the effect takes Kecleon's (Celestial Storm #122/168) Ability to the next level in an appropriate way that is thematic for this card. Lightning represents Deoxys's Speed forme, Dark represents Attack forme, Metal is Defense forme, and Colorless is Normal forme. This is reminiscent of Deoxys Delta Species from Holon Phantoms set!
    By changing Deoxys's type, it can take advantage of certain Special Energies to make it easier to use its attack. For example, in Expanded, you could attach Counter Energy first, and then attach Powerful [C] Energy.

    Since the theme of this CaC is "trick", the attack's effect is inspired by magic card tricks. It combines wording of Random Receiver (Fates Collide #109/124) and Miltank (Lost Thunder #158/214) and Swampert EX (XY promo #55).

    Other aspects of this card such as HP, weakness, resistance, retreat cost, and PokeDex flavor text come from Deoxys (SM promo #164). I hope you like this card!

    p.s. @FireLizard I think the official rules during that era refer to them as Owner's Pokemon because they are owned by trainers. Property Pokemon sounds like real estate :p but I suppose this is like your extension of Owner's Pokemon?
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  19. Kavross Aspiring Trainer


    Hey I finished something for once.
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  20. Nemes Aspiring Trainer


    ...stay for the LICKS!


    If I had to strictly follow the wording on past cards, the Ability probably should have said "that thas the words [...] in the name of one of that Pokémon's attacks" (Malamar UNB) or "(in) the name of an attack it has" (Blaine's Quiz Show), but both sounded funny so I went with "one of its attacks".

    If this card were real, it probably would get a ruling that explicitly states which card has access to in order to avoid possible translation issues. Either way, I made sure that this effect would work at least for the japanese language, and in fact all the attacks that involve the "tongue" have the katakana "ベロ". In fact, the number 14 is a Goroawase pun on that name, because in japanese "ベ" (be) sounds like "8" (ba) and "ロ" (ru) like "6" (ro).

    This card's best partner is obviously Lickilicky UNM or another Lickilicky VMAX, but it can have surprising synergies with cards like Heatmor BST or Frogadier XY (and then any Greninja or Greninja-GX).
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