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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by anabel1406, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. anabel1406 Limited Edition


    This is some set that I started on last year I think, and I made blanks and a logo and stuff, but then I lost interest in faking and Pokemon as a whole. But I was looking through my files and saw that it looked pretty nice, so I decided to maybe to make a few cards.
    (also idk how to put spoilers so can someone tell me?)
    The Set List
    Basically the Hoenn Pokedex

    [​IMG] Ultimate is basically a copy of Pokemon Prime
    [​IMG] Just a plain(boring) card.
    Now idk really about the tcg metagame so if any text card maker could make some spoiler that would be great. So yup... that's it!

  2. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    Overall your blanks look nice, but I'm not very fond of those symbols. I remember everybody using them back in 2010/2011. Also, I don't think there's Dragon and Fairy symbols equivalent to those.
    Aesthetically Pokémon Ultamite seem like Primes, but the mechanic is the same as EXs... May I suggest making a symbol for the ULTAMITE part of the card instead of typing it? Something like the ones used for Pokémon Star or SPs. I think that would look better overall.

    The part I like the most is the Pokédex data bar and font. Looks sweet! If you don't know much about the meta and cares more about the overall look of the card, I can send you some spoilers. If you want them to be balanced and playable I think I'm not of much help, but be sure to specify if you plan this set to be a reboot/standalone set or if you want it to be compatible with the current meta.

    Anyways, keep your cards coming! 'Beach needs moar image fakers!
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  3. anabel1406 Limited Edition


    Obviously a super late reply but yeah, some spoilers would be nice! Oh and I'm not sure what you mean when you say standalone or current meta.
  4. Athena Envoy of Mediation

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    It's more for balancing and power levels than anything else. If your cards are "standalone" they are balanced and powered to play well internally, not necessarily with real cards. Cards created for the "current meta" (or even for a previous era, such as BW-on, or earlier) would be balanced appropriately to match the cards of that era and are meant to be interchangeable with them.
  5. anabel1406 Limited Edition


    Soooo I guess BW meta would be good?

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