Alakazam from “Mask of Change”

Which leads me to what the ruling would be on this scenario:
- You gust your opponent's heavily damaged Active Pokémon for a weaker HP 'Mon
- Use Alakazam's Strange Hack to attempt moving the damage from the Benched 'Mon to the Active, more or less effectively "healing" the Bencher

Does Rabsca stop that manipulation since it's an effect of the attack?
I would assume it does nothing in that situation. Rabsca blocks effects of attacks to the bench. So you can’t pick up any damage counters off the bench and you can’t put any on the bench. Effectively blocking one leg of the “move”
It works as a stall counter, just not a very good one. Pidgeot V's ability can activate the moment after you bench it, whereas Abra needs to get to the Active Spot turn after turn to be effective. It'd work if you run free retreat 'mons tho...
In some highly fringe cases, it can be a turn one failsafe where it's the only Basic in your hand, but you are still able to pull in another Basic with another card. Bring that on, then Abra can "peace out" from the Active spot.
Unfortunate, Kadabra's return has truly been disappointing.
Not every Stage 1 middle 'Mon can be groundbreaking.