“Raging Surf” Now Releasing in September with Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Decks!

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Multiple Japanese distributors are now listing Raging Surf as releasing on September 21st. Originally, it was listed as releasing on May 19th. We’re not sure if there was an error with the initial release date or if something changed on Pokemon’s end. So the set won’t be revealed this week, as we previously expected.
This new date lines up with the fact June’s Pokemon Card 151 is SV2a, which puts it directly after April’s SV2 Snow Hazard & Clay Burst. This means there won’t be a new Japanese set for the next two months. This is a little unusual for Japan’s release schedule.



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saw a kotaku article about japan being out of stock of snow hazard/clay burst wonder if thats causing delay of the raging surf set as they try and print more snow hazard/clay burst.
I hope this decision is made in response to their recent apology for being out of stock of cards, and that by skipping a release date they will thoroughly reprint a lot of the recent sets so they are obtainable by their fans.
Look, mewtwo is cool and all..but there's so many legendaries that it's just weird they went with him for yet ANOTHER deck and ANOTHER promo. I dunno, not much to be excited about : |
We can speculate the reasons, my is because that would be too much products released at a short span. Snow Hazard/Clay Burst sold out, and there is an incoming nostalgia subset that scalpers might get their greedy hands on. Solution: mass produce them.
I wonder if this has anything to do with the unavailability of cards all over japan...

(Without preordering stuff far in advance or winning a lottery, getting a single pack anywhere is nearly impossible. Official TCG pack vending machine in ikebukuro station was like 20 people long too. The regular consumer in Tokyo can only buy individual cards, resold vending machine gatcha packs, or scalped packs online)

They had to issue a statement the other day on this: https://www.pokemon-card.com/info/003904.html
@Water Pokémon Master, where is the artwork from the article cover from? I’m not seeing any Japanese cards with that artwork on TCGONE, and I don’t remember seeing it on any Japanese gameplay accessories.