“Raging Surf” Now Releasing in September with Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Decks!

With Garchomp being my favorite Pokemon, and how lackluster the Brilliant Stars one and Garchomp V were, I am HYPED it's getting another shot so soon!
What? the BST Garchomp is a good card in a meta where stage 2s can exist. Especially if they do something cool and give us a Dragon Call Gabite again.
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Look, mewtwo is cool and all..but there's so many legendaries that it's just weird they went with him for yet ANOTHER deck and ANOTHER promo. I dunno, not much to be excited about : |
I never understood people like you. It's been this way for 20+ years. Get over it already.
I don't get why everyone is assuming it's a delay. An error is much more likely unless the cards are going to be released internationally before Japan.
So Ruler of the Black Flame is SV3? Imagine if we go 3 generations in a row where the 3rd set has a name like Burning Shadows/Darkness Ablaze and a Charizard chase card in it.
saw a kotaku article about japan being out of stock of snow hazard/clay burst wonder if thats causing delay of the raging surf set as they try and print more snow hazard/clay burst.
I think they are reprinting several sets after their apology about there not being any products available! Looking forward to reprints of the final sets from last year and beginning of this one!