“Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

As a collector i love everything about this. ex and EX are my favorite ultra rares (along with lvl. X) and these new ex cards look just prefect. I love how they are not almost full arts like GX and V cards and i also love how cards are just enough transparent where attacks are so you can see rest of the artwork but not fully transparent. It would also be cool if they made them simple like old school ex were but this is still perfect. Didn’t care too much to collect GX and V cards but I’m going to collect the hell out of these ex cards. The only thing I’m not sure if i like about these is the holo pattern but I’ll have to see how they look when they are released. I wish the holo pattern on them would be like on ex or Lvl. X cards. It can’t be worse than holo on V cards tho.
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From the looks of things Mimikyu ex (basic) is 190hp, Lucario ex (stage 1) is 260hp, and the video showed Magnezone (stage 2) is 330hp. This is clearly to stay in line with the V era, but keeping HP in scale with the effort required to get them in. Having evolving 2-prizers again is pretty hype, allows for way more variety. The bike duo also look like good support, acceleration and basic search on what I presume are basics.
I'd guess they're stage 1s due to how much they look like the new cyclizar. I'm really excited for these, they look great for the game.
That's the downside to all of this: no Alakazam cards anytime soon.
Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam are still, to date, my most favorite psychic pokemon. I still don't understand why they would not at least modify Kadabra and Alakazam art (change the spoon to a magic wand and change Kadabra Japanese name).
I know. I'm saying now that ex and EX co-exist in that format, it can cause confusion to casual players as to whether a Tool or something that affects ex also affects EX and vice versa.

Pretty sure by the time a player gets into expanded they'll no longer be casuals... Hard to imagine a completely casual/new player jumping head first into a daunting (for new people) format like that. 99,99% of people actually playing expanded will know about this before hand.
Well, no. If you look at the rulebox for Pokémon-ex in Gen 3, "Mewtwo ex" was classed and considered as a "Pokémon-ex" and supplementary material (e.g. instruction manuals included in theme decks) also used the hyphen to refer to "Pokémon-ex".
I wasn't clear. I was referring to actual card text, where there is no hyphen. But you are correct in this case.