“Pokemon ex” Return, New “Scarlet & Violet” TCG Cards Revealed at Worlds!

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The original “Pokemon ex” mechanic is returning to the Pokemon TCG! The first Scarlet & Violet cards were just revealed at Worlds:




The new cards include Koraidon ex, Miraidon ex, Mimikyu ex, Lucario ex, and Magnezone ex. The cards are incomplete to disguise any new mechanics and spoilers — they are missing their types, HP, stages, attack costs, and some words. This was also the case for previous reveals at Worlds.
These “Pokemon ex” work like the original Pokemon ex mechanic from 2003’s EX Ruby & Sapphire. They evolve from their regular unevolved forms, like Raichu ex evolving from Pikachu. This means there will be Pokemon ex for Basic, Stage 1, and Stage 2 Pokemon (like Basic Mimikyu ex, Stage 1...

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Neat to bring back the original multiprize cards – ??.

edit: yeah for people who don't remember Gen III TCG, the lowercase 'ex' is meaningful and indicates these cards are going to look more like ex and GX, not EX and V, w/r/t evolutions and stages and so on.
From the looks of things Mimikyu ex (basic) is 190hp, Lucario ex (stage 1) is 260hp, and the video showed Magnezone (stage 2) is 330hp. This is clearly to stay in line with the V era, but keeping HP in scale with the effort required to get them in. Having evolving 2-prizers again is pretty hype, allows for way more variety. The bike duo also look like good support, acceleration and basic search on what I presume are basics.
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Well, so the normal arts are no longer full arts.

The term "full art" didn't even make any sense when GX and V Pokemon were already full art, but this feels like a regression.

That Mimikyu art looks boring AF. More CGI we've already seen in its GX and V, except now, even less art.

I know this is a player site more than a collector one, but not a great reveal. Just got to hope that rainbows are dead and alt arts takeover all the full arts. Every Pokemon deserves artistry not just same old CGI.
I really actually like the transparency effect outside of the art, it makes the "reaching out of the card" effect of EXs more effective imo
They're trying really hard to not show us the types or evolution stages on the box legendaries here
Could be a red herring, but leaks about the video games suggest that the box legendaries are either evolutions or alternate ('temporal') forms of the weird Normal/Dragon thing we saw in the trailer today. That kind of thing could easily get represented in the TCG.

Not sure why they're avoiding revealing their typings, though.
Man, these cards are going to be interesting. Maybe they'll make Stage 2's (Or at least Stage 2 ex's) more playable. (Although many are already playable in the current meta)
Poor Koraidon and Miraidon, they sucked the typing out of their cards!

Glad to see a return to old ex cards. I'm hoping they give a boost to Stage 2 ex pokémon, since I otherwise think they will be too slow.