“Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

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We can exclusively reveal Paradox Rift will be the name of November’s SV4 set!
The set will release on Friday, November 3rd. Prereleases will take place from October 21st through 29th.
We expect our set to be comprised of the cards from September’s Raging Surf and October’s Ancient Roar & Future Flash. These sets haven’t been officially revealed in Japan yet.
We previously revealed Raging Surf would feature Gholdengo ex and a Tera Water-type Garchomp ex. A “Starter Set Terastal Mewtwo ex” and “Starter Set Terastal Skeledirge ex”...

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Walking Wake and Iron Leaves are the first mythical Pokemon of gen 9 and you can't convince me otherwise. Also Gholdengo is yet another amazingly designed Pokemon (ignore the shiny)
I still wanna see underrated mons get their first ultra rare like Tropius flying tera ex, or like a rock type crustle ex, a clawitzer ex with like a fire or a dragon type, a gogoat ex, heliolisk ex, avalugg ex, octillery ex, idk, just hope they get a bit more creative ?. So far im liking what im seeing though
The real thing to note here is the fact that the English and Japanese set releases are again very close. I wonder if they'll keep this up.
I am so excited to see the Paradox Pokemon getting ex's. And i am hyped for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Adn hopefully if not in the November set, i hope to see all the other Paradox Pokemon come in the new Block next year.
Not this set unfortunately, but highly likely the next one (Feb 24 release) - Paradox Rift will be the last set of the G block and new gimmicks tend to come around when a new block starts!
We are likely gonna see what next year gimmick's will be at Worlds.
I'll never understand why Magic can have worldwide simultaneous release of every set and allows to play with cards in every language and, meanwhile, Pokémon and Yugi have different sets, times and metagame in Japan and western countries.
This is the first set to be released on the first Friday of the month since Rebel Clash, when the trend broke due to the pandemic. I wonder if we're going back to this pattern again going forward.