“Night Wanderer” TCG Set Officially Revealed Featuring Pecharunt ex and The Loyal Three!

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Night Wanderer was revealed seconds ago at Japan’s Champions League tournament! The set will be headlined by Pecharunt ex, Okidogi ex, Munkidori ex, and Fezandipiti ex.
As posted before, Night Wanderer will release in Japan on June 7th. It will feature 64 cards before secret rares. We originally discovered its trademark in September 2023.
The set name is a reference to Pecharunt and The Loyal Three stealing Ogerpon’s masks during the night. Their story was featured in The Teal Mask DLC.



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Reusing Poison as a "positive" mechanic is somewhat clever, if not for the fact that Pokemon willingly killed Poison (and Burn). But given that it's four Basics you have to play together it looks pretty restrictive.
Kyurem is just hilariously blunt. I get "fixing the rampaging power creep" and I guess this card barely impacts the future fixed Standards, but it's still inelegant. Just man up and ban these cards if they're such a problem.
Stadium is okay. Lost Vacuum is still a card though. And once it's gone. It's gone. Plus pidgeot can search the out. Not good.

Kyurem is okay.

Colress is okay.

Pecharunt and the Royal 3 are interesting. The deck is definitely there. But the HP is abysmal on all of them except Dog. After 1 prize charizard is knocking out your entire deck with a one shot.
Its really hard but if you somehow lead your opponent to use all his stadiums and probably his 1 copy of lost vacuum, you can just play the stadium at the very end of the game and its probably game over

I just realized but what about Stallax using Sidney (I think thats how is called) and Eris to destroy those cards and once you think have get rid of all, play the stadium and is over...