‘Crown Tundra’ Releases in October, Features Galarian Slowking and All Legendaries!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by JustInBasil, Sep 29, 2020.

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    GOTCHA! was easily the highlight of the presentation! This energetic song accompanied by fast-paced modern, yet aesthetically retro animation was absolute perfection. It kind of feels like it would have been a great way to celebrate the 25th anniversary coming up. But hey, we got it now!

    Oh, and I guess the Expansion Pass was there too.
  4. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    I don’t like Galarian Slowking.
    I don’t like him one bit.

    That’s the...Wow, yeah that’s the worst regional variant we’ve gotten ever. Alolan Persian is at least funny lookin’, this is just....Bad.

    Also if I’m not wrong most of these legendaries are being locked behind that godawful raid mechanic? Great... So the one part of this expansion that could have saved it, being catching and hunting through a vast landscape for legendaries got ruined too by a poorly put together raid mechanic. And yet, it’s not at all surprising. Because everything they’ve done with this game has been a constant letdown ever since E3 2019.

    Quick edit because I finally saw GOTCHA, jeez that animation was fantastic. You guys weren’t kidding!
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  5. The Fish 0.o
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    I absolutely adore the Gotcha! video. Genuinely utterly outstanding, hats off to those god-like animators!
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    Just a question:is Melmetal avaible right now or when Pokèmon GO will be supported by Home?
  7. Animegamer420 Aspiring Trainer


    I feel like this really cheapens the legendaries and makes them more common than rattata, I'm still annoyed they ruined deoxys' status as mythical
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    Well that's just your opinion man
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    Yes, it is his opinion.
  10. Johnny2316 Aspiring Trainer


    We definitely have been waiting for The Crown Tundra for a long time now. I haven't played Sword and Shield or Isle of Armor myself, but I do know how great they both are. I'm curious as to what The Crown Tundra will bring for the Pokemon community.
  11. Snowy Lilacs Aspiring Trainer
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    from the sounds of it, it will be supported from Home

    Also what happened to that little deer thing? With the giant ass antlers/crown thing?
  12. hervul Aspiring Trainer


    Why are people being dramatic over Galarian Slowking? I like the design! Mega Slowbro got it worse.
  13. FireLizard Dragon shipper


  14. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    If you mean like... What happened to it being the focus of Crown Tundra, I actually have no clue.

    And yet, I don't... Really care though? I wouldn't mind if they left that thing in the vault. Lol.
  15. TheRealBro..


    Got to love a Big Lebowsky quote.

    But other than that, itś my opinion too.. Just not up to standard. But hey, I´m not buying the pass anyway because I don´t support this way of cheapening out main games to make some extra bucks. And I already made the mistake of buying Sword.

    Pokemon really needs to up it´s game fast, or it´s going to lose a lot of the older fans, soon. Yeah yeah I know, they won´t because the games are still selling as purely ´kids games´. Such is life.
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  16. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    Interesting you mention that, since that's actually something that came up in a conversation I was having with someone. They don't seem to get their demographics-Switch owners-are largely in their 20s and 30s.

    These games already sold well... Somehow. But they're continuing to alienate so much of their fanbase because they're tone-deaf. We don't want games that are becoming more handholdy and all that, we want games with quality that everyone can enjoy. How about multiple difficulties? How about a little bit more ambition like BW did at the time? How about just, like... Polish? The people who enjoy Pokemon regardless would enjoy it anyways, so why not include the people who enjoy Pokemon when it's at its best?

    I know people like myself who didn't get the game, if I got it, it'd just be a proverbial drop in the bucket for them. But... At the same time, if they made better games, it'd only benefit everyone in the short AND long terms. The fans who got the game anyways, the people who want a better Pokemon experience, and obviously the company with some more profits too. Not like they don't already make billions as it is, but the point still stands. Why not do it? There's no huge loss in doing so.
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  17. TheRealBro..


    Agree. I too have been having this converstion with peers. What you mention about the difficuty, has been mentioned for about ten years now, so yeah. They really do not care ,that was very evident for the first time with Gen 8. Leaving Pokemon out, because the kids do not care anyway. Leave difficulty out because the kids do not care anyway. Leave any real character-design out because the kids do not care anyway.. The only reason I can think of why they give us no effort at all is money. The only question they seem to be asking themselves is; how can we maximize profit. That also includes saving costs (no polish, complete dex ect. only gimmicks because, again, the kids do not care anyway and love a big Pikachu even though it makes no sense at all)

    We grew up with Pokemon games that were results of well thought out ideas and years of creativity. It´s not needed anymore. The brand sells and apparently superficial is the norm now? I don´t get that either.. But yeah, the easier the better. In Sword/Shield there is a cut scene every other vife minutes and if you had a battle.. Some dude comes along to hand you potions. The music was bad too..

    It´s sad, but I have made up my mind. If gen 9 continues the trend I give up on the main games.
  18. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    It's also poor management, understaffing, and Pokemon rushing GF to get the game out. Part of it is a lack of ambition, and yet at the same time, I guarantee you those with the ambition can't even use it because there's no time and nobody around to help. Doubly so when they're split down the middle of their 100-person staff working on Town, a game nobody cared about because it wasn't that great anyways.

    I didn't even grow up with them, honestly. I got into them when I was a teenager, and during this time I got immersed in games like Platinum, HGSS, and the Unova games. Each of those had a level of difficulty, polish, and-especially in the case of Unova-ambition that you really don't see anymore because they want to "play it safe" because a few people complained about BW being new and different.

    And yet... Which are the games being talked about, years later, and largely beloved by the fans nowadays? The ones that actually had love, care, polish, and ambition in them. Nobody's going to be talking about Sword and Shield in a few years besides how poorly put together it was, because that's all that really stands out, lol. The designs of the Pokemon themselves are mostly solid, at least. A couple bad ones but mostly solid.
  19. TheRealBro..


    I think it was mostly because they found D/P to be too hard. After that the games became easier. For me Black and White is in the awkward middle.

    Well, although that´s true it doesn´t matter to them anymore. They don´t want to put out good games. They want money. But I don´t know why Mario still get´s love while Pokemon doesn´t.

    Maybe it´s just a reflection of modern society. It sells right?

    I grew up with Red/Blue, and believe me. Those were games you didn´t just speedrun through. No hand holding. You had to figure things out and if you weren´t careful you´d end up in the Pokecenter. The best example was the dark cave; you needed flash, but nobody told you
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    What's wrong with people?
    GameFreak is making progress every year,and I like every new game they make,why people are so pissed when a new game comes out?
    Oh,I know!Because "WAAAA WAAAA WE WANT BETTER ANIMATIONS!!!"who cares of it?
    Sword and Shield's graphics are better than Sun and Moon's,which were better than X and Y's.
    The real problem isn't GameFreak,is the fandom.
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