‘Crown Tundra’ Releases in October, Features Galarian Slowking and All Legendaries!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Video Games' started by JustInBasil, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. TheRealBro..


    If that is your conclusion than you did not read our complaints, did you.
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  2. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    I will preface this by saying I actually do enjoy SwSh (and imo the Isle of Armour was a step in the right direction and I'm excited for the Crown Tundra), but it's far from being a perfect game and there is valid criticism to be made that isn't just "WAAAA WAAAA WE WANT BETTER ANIMATIONS!!!".

    I don't like to be negative, but a couple off the top of my head:
    -Whilst the Wild Area is great in concept, it's quite messy in execution, not least due to the fact it can go from one extreme weather to another, then a third one, and sometimes even a fourth, in the space of about 45 seconds.
    -Dex cut; whilst it's not something that really bothers me (I've never been one for transferring Pokemon, or making a living Dex etc - I tend to just use whatever's available in game to make a team), there's no denying that it's quite possibly one of the biggest controversies the Pokemon games have ever had.
    -VERY hand holdy, which maybe is good for a beginner player, but I'm already familiar with Pokemon games. I know how things work. I don't need to be told about every single tiny detail.
    -this is slightly indicative of a bigger problem, but the lack of HMs. One thing I loved about old games was being able to go back to a previous route after getting a new HM and being able to go to a new area, or finding some nice item that was previously inaccessible. Whereas with SwSh, I can't really think of anything besides a few items here and there that you need the water-traversing-capable Bike for. There's no incentive to go back to an old route. There's very little exploration.
    -the story (or lack of it). Basically nothing happens until the last minute and then one legendary fight later it's all back to normal.
    -the postgame (or lack of it). Running around the wild area doing DMax/GMax raids gets a bit boring after a while.

    I honestly think that had it had another year or two in development that it could have been a really good game. But as it stands - it is a flawed game.
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    What I don't like about the complaints is the way in which they're made. Every game has its flaws, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying you don't like something about a game - or don't like everything about a game. And I understand that for people who grew up with a particular series, it ups the pain a lot when that series no longer matches what you'd prefer.

    But there's a big difference between saying you wish they'd make different choices, and what I'm hearing here. The combination of "what they're doing is wrong", the implicit gatekeeping, and how black and white some of the comments paint things to be (pun not intended) is bothersome, to me. Gamefreak made choices to do things differently, and that's okay. It's also okay that you don't like elements of that. But it doesn't make them wrong, or evil, or anything else. Taking chances with things is a *good* thing - even if they don't work out, it's better to be aggressive than to be making the same game over and over again (hello, EA!).

    And there's nothing wrong with making the game more appealing to newcomers. Remember that Pokemon Sword and Shield has something like three times the features of Pokemon Red and Blue; a new player would be entirely overwhelmed with it if it didn't have some elements making it more approachable. I read a lot of implicit gatekeeping in complaints along these lines; implying that they should make the game for the real fans, not for the masses. That's not only a silly business decision, but it excludes a lot of people who would like to *become* fans, and a lot of people who *are* fans!

    I think personally that difficulty isn't really part of Pokémon in general; it's a roleplaying game, and one meant for children to enjoy living in the world. It's not quite Animal Crossing, but it's definitely in that direction. The real difficulty is in the PvP and the postgame features (like the Battle Arena); I'm much more understanding of complaints about those than about the main game. Making the main game reasonably easy (while still requiring understanding the basics of type mechanics in order to achieve it at a reasonable pace) is for the better; this needs to be beatable by a six year old, after all (and it certainly is!).

    And just to be clear, I think comments like His Goominess' above are entirely reasonable, and seem like they're made from the point of view of "things I wish were better'". That's the kind of criticism I think is appropriate, for the most part. It's the more aggressive, "how could they do this" criticism that I find off-putting.
  4. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    I don't mean you don't have to like the new games if you don't want,the thing I mean is that people start losing the thing to play new games,because they're not 100% good.I've found some bad things too,yes,but I still enjoy playing the game since it's a step forward to the past games.Pokèmon is maybe not like Mario or Zelda,but appreciating it is the smallest thing you can do.I'm not talking about you on Pokèbeach,but in general,especially in 4chan,people are really toxic there.
  5. arulz THE SEEKER


    Personally i really like Galarian slowking. The lore that the shelder has taken over and basically controls him like a puppet....so dope. and so creepy and cool.

    Way better then alolan persian, dugtrio, mr mime, and easily my favourite of the 4 'slow' evolutions.

    But that's the great thing about pokemon- there's many different kinds because there's many tastes in the world. One of the things that makes pokemon so great
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  6. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    I'm glad you mention this, because I was actually going to mention it myself. It's cool how because there's so many different Pokemon one person is going to be able to enjoy something that another doesn't like. Like, personally, even though I think the lore about G-Slowking is cool, I just don't like the execution of the design. BUT, I'm glad that it's something you're able to like.
  7. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    Good for you for liking the new games, I'm glad you do. But I don't think the response to people being critical of something you like should be "What is wrong with people?!" That's something you generally reserve for when someone's doing something actually... Yknow. Wrong.

    I've gone into immense detail on here before about my problems with Sword and Shield, so I'm not going to waste the time to do it again. There's a multitude of issues that I, and many other people have with the games, and that's just the way it is. None of us are going "WAAA WAAA WE WANT BETTER ANIMATIONS!" We're discussing our problems with why we don't find the visuals of the game to be acceptable for the system. Or the mechanics of the game, the content, etc. that we don't find acceptable or satisfactory. We voice our criticisms because we want the best for what we love, and those of us who are respectful about it respect the opinions of the people who actually did enjoy the game, like yourself. Like I said, I'm glad you're enjoying it. You're getting something enjoyable out of something, good for you! But what you're saying isn't respectful to any of us and our views on it, and because why? It criticizes something you like? Why should that change your mind if you genuinely enjoy it?

    See, imagine if I made a comment just like yours, right? These are NOT my opinions in case I need to make that clear, but anyways. Imagine if it went like this:

    "What's wrong with people?
    Game Freak is getting worse and worse every year, I hate every new game they make. So why are people so excited when a new game comes out?
    Sword and Shield is even worse than Sun and Moon, which is worse than X and Y.
    The real problem is the shills in the fandom who are perpetuating Game Freak's behavior!"

    See how disrespectful that sounds towards the people who like the game? None of us are doing that. Even when we're critical of Game Freak, which, I fully believe them and the Pokemon Company deserve a level of criticism towards their behaviors on how they have their games developed, we're not insulting the people who like the games. That's not okay. So, by that logic, it's not okay to be insulting towards the people who don't like them either.
  8. Calvin2001 Hey I exist


    Yes! People only complain about the animations! Its not like people complain for stuff like gamefreak cutting half of the pokemon out of the game for no reason, or making games have less content for a higher price, which tbh are completely valid things to complain about. And having better animations then the previous games doesn’t automatically make the animation good/satisfactory.
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  9. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    About the Dynamax Adventures, so if I have a NPC ally who has a Solrock that can't attack, that means I have to deal with him in order to catch my legendary Pokémon?
  10. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    I'm not insulting everyone,I'm just talking about my point of view of the new games.
    And I repeat it again,my first game was X,so I grew up in 3D era,that's why I like so much the new games(but of course the 2D games are nice too).
  11. TheRealBro..


    Look, we all love Pokemon, otherwise we wouldn´t be here right? That also means that when there is a lack of effort, we can agree about that right?, people are going to be disappointed. This is the case with Sword and Shield. Yes, the discussion has to be civil, and that is exactly what Ashco and I did; we oust our extreme disappointment with the direction that Pokemon has taken lately. You can disagree with that all you want, great for you, but don´t say that our criticism is too harsh. It isn´t from a ´long time player´ point of view, and it has to be said. The kids still love it, and that´s great, but that doesn´t change the fact that Pokemon has a very large fanbase and they took a part of that for granted.
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    I didn't choose to dislike the games. I'm baffled that anyone would truly want Pokémon games to become bad.

    Odyssey and Breath of the Wild aren't perfect either, but the difference is that I feel respected when playing them. Breath of the Wild took a long time to make sure it was good, and Odyssey wasn't rushed out either. When I play Sword, I feel like it was developed to the point where it was 'technically' better than the previous gens and then rushed out for release.
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    In the end who actually cares about Pokemon for the gameplay I'm here for the mons :v
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  14. AshCo Breaking za law, breaking za world


    I’m incredibly tired right now so excuse me if I’m not getting what you mean, but you mean like... The Pokémon just existing right?? In which case I agree, SwSh might not be my kind of game but the fact Galarian Darmanitan even exists brings me infinite joy. I like a lot of the Pokémon themselves now that I think about it. Solid designs most of the way in that game.

    I could be totally wrong in how I interpreted this though in which case oopie and I’m sorry, lol.
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    I feel like that's what they always get right: the Pokemon designs. Now, of course, everyone has preferences for certain generations, but there's always Pokemon to love in every generation and they always expand the world in such a delightful way with each one.
    That and the music is always on point. The ones coming up with the Pokemon and the music are doing a fantastic job! The soundtrack for SwSh is so good.
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    Yeah that's it!
  17. His Goominess Galvantula stan
    His Goominess


    Even though I did mention a few issues with SwSh previously in this thread, one thing that I can't fault them for is the new Pokemon they introduced. I do think there are a few meh lines (personally I don't care for the Skwovet line, Eiscue, and Indeedee among a few others, and they've got my least favourite starter trio ever - although that's just my opinion and if they bring other people happiness then I'm glad about that), but the ones they got right, they got right. Dragapult line, the three Bug lines, Rookidee line, the apple dragons, Sinistea line, the fossils, Galarian Corsola line, Galarian Darumaka line, Galarian Slowbro - I could list several others but I won't, but those are all (in my opinion) very solid designs and I'm fond of all of them.
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