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    Ruling Magnezone EX and Muscle Band / Iris Trainer

    Can a card like Magnezone EX benefit from damage modifying cards like muscle band or trainer cards like iris for his second attack, Dual Bullet?
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    Ruling Paralyze and Asleep Ruling If a pokemon is asleep or paralyzed my understanding is that it cannot retreat or attack. However if another active pokemon was paralyzed could you still use rush in ability on keldeo ex to switch out, or use an item like a...
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    Help The "What Should I Buy?" Thread

    Thanks that pretty much answers it perfectly. We are just a bunch of mid twenties guys who are changing poker night to pokemon night instead. We just wanted to keep it even between each other and not have someone using old cards and constantly losing.
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    Help The "What Should I Buy?" Thread

    A few of my friends have decided to get back into collecting and playing the tcg. None of us have had any cards since the original sets and we at least know that those are outdated. All of us are into buying booster packs, and possibly starter decks to get us playing right away. We aren't really...