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  • oh cool! Hopefully all three will be in Movie 16. :)
    Zekrom Black, Yes... And I also posted a thread where members were saying that it should be in the amazing forums and one said it was considered a joke by the staff. I think the reason was because some members posted pictures of members.
    Zekrom Black, Tody has been a gloomy day, but I just went to a party. We played some games, and my team were way ahead when we tried to pull the frozen shirts into shape and put them on. They were so solid and frozen. :)
    You got into Amazing Threads, just telling you if you didn't notice.

    Lucky :p
    Considering you're only in the fifth grade, the fic itself wasn't so bad for starters. The only urgent issue was not having proper spacing for a post in the Writer's Corner. Most people who post there anyways expect some sort of helpful advice in terms of grammar/spelling problems that should be pointed out, and Yoshi was just trying to be helpful in my stead. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as some critiques I've recieved myself (and, trust me, people are far more cruel than here).

    Frankly, I would urge you write it up again. However, I'd suggest doing it in a writing program (like Microsoft Word) on your computer if you have one on it. That way you'll have an off-the-Internet template to copy-and-paste from, as well as something to save your work on so you don't accidentally lose it all via deletion like you did.
    :( Aw, come on, man! You didn't have to delete your entire fanfic thread over one critique... Yoshi was just trying to point out it needed better formatting and that there were things you could work on more. As strict as the Writer's Rules and Guideline might seem, I'm usually pretty nice about giving people some sort of leeway with them so long as they're willing to work on fixing stuff.
    Zekrom Black, get on more often at these times, please
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