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  • Drohn' pid='2622758' dateline='1399483784 said:
    Since my favourite Pokémon, Charizard, already has two Mega Evolutions, I would love for my second favourite Pokémon, Sceptile, to receive one as well. I would like it if it became a Grass/Ground or Grass/Flying type. Perhaps the bulbs on its back can grow into wings or other cool things.

    Like spikes.


    xayshade' pid='2623451' dateline='1399654846 said:
    Really the only mega I am hoping for is Mega Sceptile. If we get mega Sceptile, jigglypuff can get a mega for all i care.

    Mega Sceptile
    Solar power/ tough claws/
    Grass/dragon or grass/dark or grass/steel or even grass/rock

    I'm just hoping. I won't be too miffed if he doesn't get one but since i'm sure he will i just hope they do him justice

    Sceptile! :D
    xayshade' pid='2498819' dateline='1374126391 said:
    AdamLambert' pid='2498792' dateline='1374122665 said:
    I knew I'd confuse someone. lol. Yes, I'm aware that there are more unused type combinations. That's my point. If all those Pokémon really do get the Fairy-type added to them, we won't have to wait 10 more generations for all the Fairy type-combinations to exist.


    eh sure whatever

    I hid this post in Pokemon Rumored To Be Retyped As Fairy because it was a bit unnecessary; it's clear what your post was trying to say, but it didn't add much to the discussion overall. Typically, you'd see someone post something like this with some additional comment. :)
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