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  • It has been a week since you were last online therefore I must bother you with this comment. >:] Let me know if I succeeded in bothering you. =D
    Oh I see... You should try using this link to get onto Pokebeach Chat. Oh and that's too bad. :[ I hope you're feeling better now.

    Edit: Apparently the link on the main page of Pokebeach is working again. You should try using that. Hope to see you on soon. :3
    Haven't seen you around recently. :[ Where are you? D: You're probably just busy but that's not a problem, we're all busy sometimes. =P
    Hey there, I just saw you on chat but then you left... :[ Do you want to chat? I think we're going to be playing some rounds of Werewolf. You should totally join! =D Hopefully you get this message tonight but if not I'll talk to you some other time. =]
    Haha, thanks! I think you're pretty awesome too. :3 To be honest, when I see your name on chat I get a little excited because it's always fun talking to you. =]

    PS: I'm sending you this from my 3DS. Everyday this system gets a little more awesome. =D
    Haha, thanks ;) and yes Werewolf was a lot funner when you joined :D You're one of the most awesome people ever! :p
    We haven't known each other for very long but it looks like you already consider me as a buddy. :') I thank you for that and for convincing me to play Werewolf earlier this evening. I definitely had a lot of fun playing with you guys. =D So yeah, I hope to you see you around the forums as well as the chat room so we can chat more or just whatever. =]

    *Afro-G adds WolfNinja55 to his buddies list*

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