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  • Hey, how's it going man? Everything OK I trust?

    Do you know any place where I can find Pokemon sprites for a RMT? I wanna list the teambuilding process for a change and I could use them. The site's old sprites don't work on XF sadly.
    Just thought I'd let you know near the end of May regionals are coming up so some members may be wanting an extension if they are still in.
    We'll see what happens. Thanks for notifying me.
    This new site is something I'm glad to witness and have taken part in its construction. My best wishes to its future!
    Topic suggestion for Competitive Discussion of the Week: How do you improve yourself as a player?

    I think this could spark some interesting discussion. It opens the doors to teams, decision making, mental state, etc.
    You can also send these by PM, but I do like this one. Thanks :)
    King Arceus
    King Arceus
    I'm still getting used to Xenforo.
    Uralya, I am acquaintances with the Governor's daughter, the Lieutenant Governor knows who I am, one of our our U.S. Senators knows who I am, I am acquaintances with a few Georgia Senators and Representatives, etc., etc., etc. It's pretty darn cool.

    It's a helluva learning experience, too. My growing pool of contacts is, hopefully, going to benefit me in the long-run. I'm still worried about college, but that's okay. It'll all work out in the end, with careful planning!
    Uralya, well, you're in luck, as I am working on a graphic novel- type thing at the moment based upon my stories.
    Uralya, Sweet:). Good luck out there.

    Yeah, summer I'm waiting for with open arms. And I would bet you're in the same boat there:p.
    I haven't been email notifications for PMs for the last week or 2.
    I doubled checked my preferences and it's turned on.

    Has something changed?
    Uralya, Not bad either. A bit swamped with studying as well, second semester is much harder than the first, but I'm managing. I don't show around as much as I'd like either, sadly. I was thinking of getting back into competitive at some point, maybe start playing YGO again, but not enough time.
    You had given me the impression you were good in track, so I have to ask, what do you mean by much better?
    Hey! I'm currently participating in the forum game, The Challenge 6. For the current challenge we have been tasked to find supporters for our teams. I was hoping you could support mine! :D All you have to do is post that you support The Egg Knights on the forum page! Thanks for the help! :D

    Link- The Challenge 6
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