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  • Thetwiggy13, Hey! Welcome to the forums!

    You can definitely post your fic(s) here, and it certainly doesn't need to be finished. All the users that post their fics never post completed ones since they tend to ask for feedback from members so they can improve their future chapters based on those suggestions/feedback.

    Here are the The Writing Cafe rules: http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-the-writing-caf%C3%A9-rules-and-guidelines-updated-july-12-2013-please-take-time-to-read-the-revised-rules
    Thetwiggy13, Yeah, we're working on it actually. OU is kind of the "top priority" if you will since pretty much anything plays that, but UU should come after that.
    I'm picking Fennekin; going or the Fire-type is something I've done since generation 1, haha. I'm planning to get all 3 starters on both games by trading them over using New Game, though. Lol :p
    Nice! I am getting both but I'm playing Y first for Yveltal. But I really like Clauncher too so I will definitely trade it to my Y game and put it in my team!
    Nice, me too! I also watch the anime. I don't play the TCG. Are you getting X or Y?
    You're welcome! :) Do you also play the VG or watch the anime? Or play the TCG?
    Hey Thetwiggy13! Welcome to PokéBeach! :) I read that you like to write. You could check out The Writing Café to share your stories! You can also read the stories of others there.
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