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  • Correct. I just wanted to use bank to transfer an already trained version of the pokemon I intend to use. I just bred the IV spread + nature + egg moves I need, so I should be set as soon as I EV train and evolve it.
    Sure. I'm in the final stages of breeding the last pokemon. It won't be long (and if it takes more than another few hours to get my ideal spread IV, I'm just going to use my old team)
    No, we tried way more than we should have anyway.

    You can challenge again next, if there are disconnects next week I will claim victory after the second.
    I'll be available to battle around 11pm tonight, UK time.
    Sorry about the confusion yesterday.
    The problem is that the team I was play testing had a Post-Bank Pokemon on it so it would be silly of me to battle you without a fully tested team.
    I read a thread late last week where it was being suspected and the consensus was "ban" for similar reasons to Prankster assist in RU, etc. in gen 5. I'm not sure if the ban would ever make it to our league, but I figured I'd play it safe nonetheless.
    I'm still trying to breed the last mon seeing as Bank is delayed. I'm very sorry about the delay :/ I intentionally left a few small gaps in my earlier team (primarily to make it quicker to train) but one of the central pokemon for that first team was banned (Klefki), so I had to rework most of the team starting just before work got crazy around Christmas. Now that I have a 6 IV ditto, this should be much faster.
    I have you added, I'm not sure how long I'm going to be out for tonight. I'll let you when I'm back and if I'm able to battle :)
    Actually, it's going to have to be a bit later on or even tomorrow, I have to go out for a bit sorry.
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