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    Wi-Fi Trades Tomokazu Komiya's "My Player" Thread

    Bump. Trade with me.
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    Tuesday, 7/3, Shining Darkness Scans + Spoilers

    HOLY FRIGGIN CRAP I love this set. The cards look frickin awesome, much better than the drag of the last set.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Tomokazu Komiya's "My Player" Thread

    Okay everybody, keep the posts coming. I'm going to be gone until July 9, when i'll be able to trade again. So until then, please continue to visit this thread! Thank you!
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    Wi-Fi Trades Bluejay's trade thread -Lot of new shinies

    RE: Bluejay's trade thread Would you give me a shiny Eevee for a shiny Oddish? BTW, how are the EV's on your lv. 100's?
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    Wi-Fi Trades Tomokazu Komiya's "My Player" Thread

    Okay, i'm ready to trade!
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    Fantastic trader!!! Ref +1
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    Cards poorly protected, but arrived well. Ref +1
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    Wi-Fi Trades Awesome trades and battles SHAYMIN DARKRAI ARCEUS now obtained!!!!!!

    Would you do a Bulbasaur or Charmander for a Cranidos? Please PM your response to me- otheriwse, I'll forget I posted here. :P
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    Friday, 6/15, Mysterious Treasures, Shining Darkness Goodies, 10th Collection TCG, Mystery Dungeon 2

    RE: Friday, 6/15, Mysterious Treasures, 10th Collection TCG, Mystery Dungeon 2 Images And an incredibly broken Garchomp, at that.
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    Wi-Fi Trades Tomokazu Komiya's "My Player" Thread

    Welcome to Tomokazu Komiya's player thread! MY INFORMATION: My Friend Code: 4081 2431 4007 Name: Tito AIM/MSN/Yahoo/whatever: nada. E-mail me at [email protected] Contact Time: Whenever MY HAVES/WANTS Note: I use the Emerald cloning glitch, but not any hacking devices. POKEMON FOR...
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    Back in the e-reader ex days, sometimes I would get pack with 2 rares AND a reverse holo in it.... It happened twice, in fact.
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    Busy, CN Airing Tons of Episodes Today and Tomorrow, 1st amendment video soon - Sat

    RE: Busy My guess is Card Reviews. It's been, what, six months since the last ones? Not to mention a few months ago WPM said something about the strategists writing them up and he not posting them.
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    The bragging thread

    I once lifted 8,927 pounds with my tongue.
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    Is anyone here on If so, you can PM me and I'll see about making you my friend.
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    They Might Be Giants Is anyone familiar with this band? They're my favorite musicians.