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    'Matchless Fighter' Revealed as March's Japanese Set!

    It says it’s an attack that charges energy to the bench
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    Currently crying because I'm a 16 year old senior

    Currently crying because I'm a 16 year old senior
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    Pokemon World Championships Again Delayed Until Next Year

    I just hate how this affects aging up Seniors like myself, I'm gonna turn 16 next month but I still can't play in any online events. Like I understand why juniors and seniors can't play (federal laws), but I don't understand why aging up seniors can't play in the players cup. In the 2019 season...
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    Player's Cup III Announced for January!

    I love being a 15 year old senior that will turn 16 halfway through this cup...
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    'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

    No it would use triple accel as 3 Energy bc Gardevoir does the same. Personally this looks really good with a welder/triple accel energy system. All you gotta do is throw in some horror energys
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    Lucario V from 'V Starter Decks' Revealed, Hints of the Other Eight Pokemon V!

    Yo when are these coming out in the US? I can’t wait to play that mew V
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    'Pokemon Players Cup' Online Tournament Announced by TPCi!

    I’m in my last year of seniors F
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    Worlds and 2020 Season Cancelled, Points Will Roll Over to Next Year

    Well I get a 222 point boost in my first year of being a master
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    Discussion Sword & Shield In Expanded

    I play Noivern for the vileplume matchup, I thought about maybe playing a laser for the Snorlax matchup but there were two things I debated about, 1. I don’t know if it has a ton of switching options and 2. I don’t think it has a large appeal to the seniors division and it seems bad tbh. I...
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    Discussion Sword & Shield In Expanded

    Yeah I’ve also been testing Zacian V, I cut three ultra balls for quick balls but I don’t know what to cut for zigzagoons. I went to Greensboro last year which was expanded, but I finished about middle of the group with a Zoro deck but I defiantly wasn’t prepping for the meta going into the...
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    Discussion Sword & Shield In Expanded

    Does anyone have a Tinachomp list? I’m going to Charlotte and I want to start testing but can’t find a SWSH list anywhere. I also wanted to know if anyone had tips for the senior division in expanded
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    Pokemon Direct Announced For Thursday!

    Maybe they’ll announce NA internats
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    Help What are the best techs for mewmew against ADP

    Most builds play 1-0 dedenne and 2 ADP, the only other GX they play is Lucario melemetal which is only for Gardeon so they wouldn’t play it against mewmew. They will only have 2-3 gxs at a time most of the time and once they see mewmew they are going to be wary of the Lopuff and not bench as...
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    Eight time cup winner

    Eight time cup winner