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  • I need most of your Vivillon forms, but I'd like to start off with Sun and Tundra. I can give you a Garden Vivillon (Harvest) and Quagsire or Honedge or any of my wrong ability Scatterbug in return.
    I am looking for a Sandstorm Scatterbug/Vivillon. Could I have one please? Its the last Pokemon I need to complete my Pokedex.
    PS Unless your wanting to leave a comment on how the trade went for everyone to see. :D Then sure. Say successful trade. :D
    I don't like this Profile Comment thing..... like having to PM's.

    So please. If you want to say something to me. About what ever (MODs To please). Just PM me.

    If we are doing a trade. I refresh my PM and Posts all the time when I am on. So if I just sent you a pm or responded to your post no more then a couple minutes ago. I will be watching replies and rdy to. I don't post then walk away, unless the cats on fire or something. :D

    So thanks, but for my sanity. Just send it to the PM please. Thank You!
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