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  • I hid your favorite TV shows thread because we actually have one:
    Favorites threads like these go in The Chillax Zone. It's where we keep casual things like that.

    Here's your post in case you want it:

    My top ten.
    #10. Deception (NBC)
    #09. Heroes (NBC)
    #08. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The WB)
    #07. American Idol (FOX)
    #06. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
    #05. FEAR (MTV)
    #04. Teen Titans (Cartoon Network, Kids' WB) 
    #03. Supernatural (The WB, The CW)
    #02. Veronica Mars (UPN, The CW)
    #01. LOST (American Broadcasting Company)
    Now tell me your favorite shows. :D[fo[/font]

    Woo Deception! :D

    smarty9108 said:
    I solely remember Pokemon Advanced Battle re-airing on The CW.

    September 16 or 23, 2006 was the noodle episode in Saffron City. We never did see Ash go to the Battle Arena. :(
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