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  • Probably whatever I catch first. Your post in my thread implied to me that you were offering a gen five shiny instead. My bad. :p
    I see that you can catch any gen five shiny, but I'm aiming for the Gourgeist (which is why I'm doing gen six shiny for gen six shiny).
    ShinyVincent, on my phone now so it'd be hard to link you, but check out the XY Wifi thread is close to the top.
    ShinyVincent, I told you, at least two for the sylveon, or you can wait for all the hacked Pokemon to be switched over, it's up to you, but I've got shinies to hunt, lol.
    ShinyVincent, yep, that's right.

    Sorry, I'm full right now and have to cycle through friends. I have a bit of waiting list. If you take a look at my trade thread and we can work something out, though, I can add you immediately.
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