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dipped my hair in the wild berry skittles rainbow!, Female, 28, from Plano, TX United States

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Jan 7, 2014
    1. DNA
      Barkion and Blue-Eyes ghost rares? GASP!
      Yugi's World is another name for Legendary Collection 3, right? That has all sorts of fun stuff in it, but everyone is after the Black Luster Soldier (Envoy) am I, admittedly (I still don't have my own!). Hope you get amazingly epic pulls; maybe they'll get you back into the swing of the game!
    2. DNA
      I'm not impatient; I don't mind waiting, so I can get one from my local card shop pretty easily. (That, and I don't really trust the postal system with trading cards.)

      I might just decide to be silly and wait until the March banlist to see if he's staying or leaving :P
    3. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], yep, that's the one. $10? That's probably the starting bid for it; I bet it'd go waaaaaaay higher than that before the deadline (5 days). My local card shop has several and they go for a flat $40, which is a pretty good price as they normally go for about $50+. However, I've been spending a lot of money on cards as of late, so I'm going to hold off for a while. My deck's only missing 3 cards, so it isn't too much of a big deal.
    4. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], Crush Card Virus? that's Forbidden :P

      An all Spellcaster deck can work; it just depends on how you do it. The best choices are probably to go for a Spell Counter deck, or dabble into the newer Prophecy archetype. Those are generally the best ways to go about it. It is quite tricky to do, but they have some pretty interesting support, e.g. Magical Dimension and Magician's Circle.

      A textured rare card is most likely an Ultimate Rare card; the foil on UTR cards tends to be a little textured. The UTR cards have other rare variants (usually rare or ultra rare), but the Ultimate Rare cards are much harder to pull and also quite a bit more valuable - e.g. Thunder King Rai-Oh normally goes for about $7 (I think), but the Ultimate Rare variation is $35.

      That probably isn't the best analogy since Rai-Oh is a card that's used fairly often. Ancient Fairy Dragon I know is the same way. Either way, they're generally worth a couple bucks more than their not-as-rare variants.

      As far as my deck is going, I actually only need 3 cards and I'm done! The problem is those 3 cards are Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning, plus 2 Emergency Teleports. The former goes for $40, and the latter goes for $20 each. hoboy o_o
    5. DNA
      Hey Larisa! How's it hanging?
    6. DNA
    7. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], Three of a Kind wouldn't work so well, since you need to control 3 monsters with the same name. When Crystal Beasts go to S/T, they aren't treated as monsters.

      I occasionally play on Dueling Network (an online YGO simulator) and I built a basic Crystal Beast deck. It doesn't really revolve around Rainbow Dragon, but it can easily be tweaked to accommodate it. Here's what my list looks like:

      3 CB Amber Mammoth
      2 CB Emerald Tortoise
      1 CB Ruby Carbuncle
      3 CB Sapphire Pegasus
      3 CB Topaz Tiger
      2 Guardian Eatos (Sp Summons from hand when you have no monsters in your Graveyard)
      1 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder (a nice 4000/4000 beatstick that is summoned by dumping 3 Continuous Spells from your field)

      3 Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
      2 Crystal Abundance (it requires that your back row have 4 CB S/T cards, but it will clear the field completely, allowing you to attack even for an OTK)
      2 Crystal Release (equip card that gives CBs 800 ATK, and when it goes to the Graveyard, you can yank a CB from your deck as a Spell card)
      2 Crystal Tree (can yank more CBs from your deck)
      1 Heavy Storm
      3 Mystical Space Typhoon
      1 Pot of Avarice
      2 Rare Value (your opponent gets rid of a CB S/T you control, but in return, you draw 2 cards)
      3 Smashing Ground
      2 Terraforming
      3 Dark Bribe
      1 Mirror Force

      Extra Deck (since DN has unlimited resources I put a lot of Xyz in here, but if you have any of these listed below they'll work fine)
      2 Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut
      2 Fairy King Albverdich
      1 Gem-Knight Pearl
      1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
      2 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon
      1 Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction
      2 Number 39: Utopia
      1 Number 50: Black Corn
      1 Number C39: Utopia Ray
      1 Steelswarm Roach
      1 Wind-Up Zenmaines

      if you don't have any of these Xyzs, don't bother too much. You probably won't use Xyz very often at all in Crystal Beast.[/spoiler]
    8. bacon
      Ah, I don't do it for health, more for animal welfare. The production of eggs and milk requires the birth of calves and chicks, the males of which are slaughtered because they're not useful for farming purposes... so I'm not sure it makes much of a difference for the reasons that I follow. : C
    9. bacon
      Yeah, I bet it's tough! Worth it, though. I'm not sure if vegetarianism really makes much of a difference at all.
    10. DNA
      GX is kinda reta[i][/i]rded. 5Ds wasn't quite as good as the original, but I feel it was definitely an improvement over GX.

      Is Japanese Swords rare? It might be, but I don't know. Over here it's probably a little rarer, for sure, but I don't know if it's worth that much more than an English one.
    11. bacon
      I am. : ) I hope to graduate to vegan one day.
    12. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], it's mostly community college for right now - at present I am a full-time student.

      I'm actually not so much into the YGO anime as much as I am into the cards. There's a lot more complexity to the actual card game...also, the draws are never ever rigged; either you get lucky, or you don't :P
    13. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], I'll check out that video in a bit; I have a few exams next week and I'm writing myself study guides for them.

      I love Synchros since they're so varied and versatile - also, fun with math. Since you need Tuners to use Synchros, it would go without saying that decks that do not normally use Tuners, such as Crystal Beast, wouldn't use Synchros. There are a few 'splashable' Tuner monsters, such as Genex Ally Birdman, Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind, Mist Valley Soldier, and Krebons, but if it detracts from the main focus of the deck, it probably isn't worth it.
    14. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], Xyz monsters can be tricky, since you need 2 (or more) monsters of the same level in play, and then after that their effects can only be used a limited number of times. I personally prefer Synchros, but they require Tuners, and Xyzs are better splashable into Tuner-less decks (like Crystal Beasts, where most everything is level 3 or 4). My deck of choice is Psychics; I love those guys.

      ...also did you just say your Furby's g[i][/i]ay? (I couldn't tell; the forum censor blocked part of what you said.)
    15. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], I think I might have an answer! Crystal Beast cards don't have the strength they once did way back when, but fortunately, the deck is still feasible, since it can swarm pretty easily and having Rainbow Ruins around really helps things. It's even possible to make a Rainbow Dragon OTK deck (I actually fell victim to it once and got annihilated), but the tricky bit is knowing exactly how to build it.

      Crystal Beasts have several different playstyles, though (I can think of at least 3 different ways that they're run but I know there's more - there's decks revolving around Rainbow Dragon, Crystal Abundance, and Hamon Lord of Striking Thunder, of which my personal favorite is the last of those), so there's definitely no shortage of variety.
    16. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], oh, in Final Fantasy? It's definitely Gilgamesh. He's a lovable ineffectual lackey with a sense of justice and a flamboyant personality. What's not to love?
    17. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], favorite overall character in...what franchise? I think you'll need to be a bit more specific...
    18. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], here are some links.

      [url=]Battle at the Big Bridge[/url]
      [url=]Dancing Mad[/url] (a symphony in 4 parts)
      [url=]Hunter's Chance[/url]
      [url=]Fight with Seymour[/url]

      The instrumental rock band The Black Mages remixed all four of those as well, so I'll include their variations. I can say, they are nothing but an improvement over the original in each case!

      [url=]Battle at the Big Bridge[/url]
      [url=]Dancing Mad[/url] (still a symphony in 4 parts)
      [url=]Hunter's Chance[/url]
      [url=]Fight with Seymour[/url]

      Each of the videos is about 5 minutes long, except for Dancing Mad which is about 3 times that.
      Ahhh, they never get old :D
    19. DNA
      [b]Shiningmilotic[/b], ah yes, the Crystal Tower is the final dungeon of FF3. I think that was the only track I liked from that game. FF3 was nice and all, but I wasn't really that big of a fan of it. The chibi bit kinda turned me away.

      The Rebel Army is, as far as I recall, one of the 5 greatest tracks to ever come out of any Final Fantasy game. (I believe the others are Battle on the Big Bridge from FF5, Dancing Mad from FF6, Hunter's Chance from FF9, and Fight with Seymour from FF10. There are tons of good FF tracks of course, but I think those 5 are considered the top 5.)
    20. DNA
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    I love pokemon TCG collecting, MLP:FIM, furbies, anime, video games, im vegan, I love bettas and reptiles, I am a scorpio, nature, 90's-80's stuff, cartoons, all kinds of stuff! I LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MY LITTLE PONIES.

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    "A pocket full of pokemon cards is a portable art museum! Love and appreciate each card's art!" -Shiningmilotic​
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