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  • I've got a Rayquaza you might like!

    It's a Gym Challenge Promo from 2005. Maybe we can add that into our trade if we manage to work something out. :D
    salmoncannon, DANG, really? Thats so.... expensive! Ok, I have an idea... How much would a Bubble Mailer (BIGGEST SIZE) cost? Can you stuff that full with the bulk (Put the cards in a Ziploc bag) and ship it that way maybe?
    salmoncannon, Im not a player, nor am I gonna sell it. I just want it for more... personal worth! :D And I can wait as long as it takes, whatever the cheapest option is! :D And anything you'd like is cool with me! ;)
    salmoncannon, Ok, you should ask how much the CHEAPEST way to ship 1300 card bulk is! :) no delivery confirmation, and longest time is fine! :)
    Wouk it really...? That's disturbing, but I'm gonna try and help you pay for $50-60 of it! :) maybe more! I really want that bulk! And that's an option with no delivery confirmation and insurance, right?
    Hey mate! Got your cards all safe and sound! I sent yours on... Saturday, I believe. Anyway, you live out of country, so might take a few days, but they are coming! :D
    salmoncannon, Grats! Shining Charizard is actually a lot cheaper if you try and get one on eBay. I've seen them go as low as $15 for a Near-Mint Unlimited one. You just have to be patient. I would definitely avoid trading for it as most people over value their Neo Shinings. :p
    salmoncannon, Sweet! I could really use them. I know I've got pretty ambitious goals but I'll accomplish them sooner or later. :D

    Not too long ago I finished my 1st ed. Shining set!
    salmoncannon, Yea! Right now here are my priorities:
    Most Holos/RHs from Legendary Collection
    All 1st edition Non Holo Rares from Jungle/Fossil (English)
    Articuno and Moltres from Fossil (Japanese)
    Most cards from Japanese Base set
    Houndour, Houndoom, Smeargle, and Tyranitar Holos from 1st ed. Neo Discovery

    Kyurem EX FA - Next Destinies
    Mewtwo EX FA - Next Destinies
    Pokémon Catcher - Emerging Powers
    Pokémon Collector - HeartGold SoulSilver
    salmoncannon, Definitely! I am stoked for Ho-Oh EX and Mew EX. :D Which sets are you working on? I have *tons* of extra cards especially from Wizards of the Coast. I'd guess over 200 Holofoils unlisted that I don't even want haha.
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