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  • Salamencetrainer34, I get rid of them when a new set comes out so people can discuss them before some results come in. I generally update it with tentative tiers after tournaments start.
    Salamencetrainer34, I'm there for the week. I might be able to play while I'm here though.
    Salamencetrainer34, Gagh...normally I would be willing but I am unfortunatly at my grandparent's house with rather limited access to a computer (I'm on my phone). Try me again at some other point, I tend to have a lot of free time until school starts.
    Salamencetrainer34, you'll probably need to use the Stack a lot, since he does have quite a bit of HP
    Salamencetrainer34, not too tough. I fought him first.
    His condition is "Win in 3 turns. All his underlings must be defeated also."

    It is not as hard as it sounds.
    Yeah I didn't get one with my Megalo Cannon box. I bought that one from eBay. But for Battle Boost I got it from a dude at our Pokemon League here. He's got a friend in Japan who he sends our orders to and gets them shipped over here.
    As far as I know, you were to get one when you buy a Battle Boost booster box but I've noticed that hasn't been the case for everyone. So I'm not 100% sure lol.
    I like Stack better because the controls aren't as annoying.
    And Popple looks sleek
    Salamencetrainer34, I'll give you a hint
    you do not need to leave town

    ...he's not that hard to find, really
    Salamencetrainer34, I got a Dragonite holo, so it was a very good box. I'm going to post it in the pull rates thread.

    The best thing about it was that I redeemened my code cards on PTCGO (I never go on but I'm like why not), and I pull a Shiny Charizard using the code that I got Shiny Charizard with.
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