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  • Hi there! Can you please add me? I'm searching for an abra safari.
    FC: 1220-7287-4741

    Thank you very much :)
    PsychedelicBreakfast, sure, done; I am sorry if it bothered you, I just tend to forget to leave feedback for people over 50+ feedback, since that was when I stopped having to be worried about feedback
    They were all first edition! :D Also! Unless you want me to wait with sending it for more items, I need your address. I will send the packages on different days throughout the next week so I don't have to carry everything in one time.
    The final evolutions are a bit more. The standard plushies are usually 1200 Yen. I know Pancham is 1200 Yen for sure, since I already got one of those. :p

    Edit: I just checked my pictures. The first evolutions are 1200 Yen, second evolutions are 2100 Yen, and the final evolutions are 3360 or 3300 Yen (it's a bit unclear on the picture :p).
    I set up a shop in the Trading Corner. :D Could you check whether I missed something when you have time?
    Nope, I just wanted to ask something to you, Muddy, and omahanime, but they also seem to be afk so I'll bring it up another time. :D

    just added you, would you please add me back? :)
    I'd be really grateful!

    FC: 4699-6341-0356
    I only need Xerneas promo from the connection if you have it, but I just got a trade with Frost Mage for his/her FA Xerneas EX. Thanks though, and I have to update my banner.
    Scorched Feathers, PsychedelicBreakfast,

    Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to contributing to the forums!
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