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  • At this rate, I'd think you'd be a better leader than Bippa. You're actually trying to get something done, as opposed to the rest of the team.
    Dev_Buiz, Hello Dev_Buiz! I would love to host Murder again, but for the foreseeable future, Pokebeach will no longer allow forum games to be played, save The Challenge and Werewolf. Pokebeach held a vote for which games they wanted to stay, and unfortunately, Murder did not receive enough votes. If the opportunity presents it's self once again, I would be more than happy to host it.
    You didn't mention Trivia of DNA.
    I see how it is.
    I've been lurking here for quite some time, and I was wondering why you can't make the Murder series anymore.
    I'm on board with The Air Lockers; I think it a great name. Seconded only to Totally Cool Porygons
    The big problem with your idea is that it has nothing to do with Rayquaza :p
    one time my party was full of zouarcks and i encounterd a shiny embor but its level was at 100 so i lost so try puting the pokemon in your party thats the sameit will make finding shiny pokemon easy
    Porygon-X, I think they brought the old guys back because the Glatorin concept as a whole was just terrible :p
    That, and they never really finished up the Mata Nui story. "Oh, look, he's still trapped in eternal sleep. We should fix that."

    I stopped reading it right around when my subscription expired. It was mostly because I was tired of my magazines arriving a month late.
    Porygon-X, I stopped following the series right at the end of the first part of the Voya Nui arc (the last thing I remember is Vezon's face). Looking back now, I think I timed my exit well.
    Porygon-X, Lewa was my favorite initially (he was also my very first Bionicle figure), but ultimately I switched over to Kopaka. Thanks for the compliment, though; my current avvy goal is nostalgia!
    Porygon-X, Thanks man! You seem to like my Transformers avatars, I'll make sure to keep em comin'. :]
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